March 14th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

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I've been fresh out of subjects lately, not feeling creative enough to write and when I get creative it's too darn late and I'm freaking tired or lack motvation whe I feel creative. So is life I suppose.

I was busy messing with news stuff yesterday, so I didn't write, not much of interest happened yesterday anyway but it rained really early and that was nice. I didn't get to go outside though to really experience it as I like to do, I really miss going outside; even having to go outside to take out Fiona is nice but having to stay in all the time is a bit depressing. I tried News Feeds yesterday and it wasn't too cool. There are several servers available to download things, and there wasn't a program that I tried that would allow me to use the news servers effectively. So, two hours after I signed up and an hour of talking to Justin in tech support and I cancelled. He was cool with that.

My mom had parent teacher conferences yesterday so she came home at lie eight, so I took a nap and then watched some Survivor. It was the combining of the sexes episode and it was really shocking and really good; this season of Survivor has been exceptionally good and exceptionally attention catching.

Today was quite uneventful. I went to school and am now sitting after school, watching my mom as she makes final preparations for spring break. It'll be good to have spring break though I'm going to try my hardest and find some motivation to do some work and listen to some lectures. I REALLY hope that I can manage it though it will be difficult with my Grandma coming. It'll be cool though because we always have tea with Grandma, tea all the time. It makes me homesick for Australia.

I was reading the ACB Radio lists yesterday and lo and behold, the guy who is in my old slot needs cover for his last two hours. I offered cover and got the slot! Yeah, so I'll have my first ACB Radio Interactive show tomorrow from 8 to 10 a.m. central, so whoever listens gets a free prize. I have a feeling I'll have a crapload of listeners as they seem to have lots of listeners these days. That'd be really cool, but I'll have to do some major organisztion for tomorrow, mainly downloading all the ids and promos, and organizing my music for broadcast tomorrow. I have to download my encoder off of my laptop and get everything migrated to the desktop. If the cable behaves and the wireless behaves, I should be cool for the show. We'll see. I don't know about KXUA as no one has told me if there will be someone there to produce the show as Helen will be out for spring break. I'm not too confident.

NOt much else going on. We'll see when we get home but I hope I can get everything I need to get done, done. I'm sure I will. More later I'm sure. I'll bitch about the war tomorrow.
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Fiona and me in the snow


As an update. I just got home and got mail. Usually I'm excited about this, but what I got just made me sad. It was a card, actually three cards, from all my friends in chemical Engineering. There were like about 50 signatures on them all wishing me well. Those guys have been so good to me, and I wish I could give back what I have received from them. I guess I could give back by not hurting myself but this seems to be next to impossible so I guess I'll have to come up with new ways. It only reaffirmed the overwhelming need I have to go back and get into things again. If I were able to go to classes, it'd make it so much easier for me to work, for me to get motivated. I just don't do well with this independent study crap, it's way hard.

Anyway, not much else, just wanted to bitch about things. I need to do something happy, need to smile somehow. I'm sure, as I have many many times in my long life, that finding something to smile about will be much easier than finding something to be sad about. More later.
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