March 15th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

american coffee

Oh for the joys of boring American coffee. I really wanted that kalua nut coffee I had earlier with some vanilla syrup but it was not to be, so I had boring Columian (which is actually an american blend) and did my show. Yes, I did the show for the first time again on ACBRI and got some cool mails from people. I still can't figure out how I had 13 listeners through the show and got as few mails as I did or msn's. Oh well.

I'm working on a slot idea, and I think I can probably get the slot from Chris Ransey the dude who has the slot now. Either wse can split it or something, it really doesn't matter to me, I just want a slot damnit. I find that many people drink coffee and listen to my show across the U.S. and have lunch to it in Europe (I have european listeners), and go to sleep with it in Aus. It's cool, very cool.

It's a nice day, sunny, and as the jazz floats through the room, I can envision the warm sun that I hope I get to enjoy today later. It's spring break too which is also a bonus.

Not much on the agenda today except for I'm going to try to find a producer upi Fayetteville so I can do my show. Who freaking knows. I'd like the Fayetteville people to have some St. Pat's music.

Got some more music to import and classify today in preparation for the world music portion of Culture Beat when I get a slot.

Well, not uch else going. I'm going to get some of this crap coffee, if there's none left, I'm making some real stuff. Either that or I'll make some chai. My mom made me a kick ass breakfast bagle this morning during the show, so I'm writing with the reserve energy provided by the bagle and caffeine of course. More later.
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