March 16th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow


They say that you're a freak if you drink alcohol before like evening, I don't think it's true if you're drinking coffee and alcohol, maybe I'm wrong. And why I always describe my coffe drinking habits I don't know, but I think it's interesting if you're a third person reading this "work".

I'm drinking my kalua and nut coffe with two shots of Bailey's irish cream, and I'm backing it up with some cool ass Mouth Music. I'm getting into the St. Pat's mood as tomorrow is the big day, and my favourite holiday. I wish totally to go to Ireland some day.

Grandma made it here last night about eight and the tea drinking began then. It hasn't stopped. Me and Grandma have been having fun talking about our screwed up Aussie part of the family and it's been good to get her positions on the family crazinesses (I just made up a word I think).

Man this music kicks it, it's such a conglomeration of Celtic rhythms and other worldly instruments and will make a banner addition to my collection of crap I'll play. This song, The Whaling Ship, has a middle eastern fiffld playing with other cool drums in the background. Appologize for the musical rants but my life revolves around music and listening to music, so it's always great to tell people about it. anyway ...

Today is my frist ACBRI meeting in a while. Should be interesting to see how it goes. I'll most likely get a slot then too and my eyes are set on my old slot because it's probably the most convenient for me. This week I can do one or some of the slots that are open because of someone getting work finally, this guy has been unemployed for six years you see, and his employment is landmark over here. He usually sits around smoking and drinking Pepsi all the time, and broadcasting of course. So I'm sure we'll bs about that stuff and the new satellite network we're supposed to get on soon or something. Pretty cool stuff though because it's a 24/7 sattelite network of some kind It'd be really cool if we could make it on XM Radio.

Plans for today include ripping some of these new cds that I got and doing this meeting. Mrs. Marsha is coming back today as well and the fam not including me and my dad will be going to an antique's show this afternoon. Then, we're going to a High Tea tomorrow afternoon at the Capital Hotel. I'll describe it all, as I've never been too High Tea before.

Oh yeah, I finished scanning and submitted This Just In: Things I couldn't Tell you on TV by Bob Shieffer. I got it submitted on bookshare so all is good. Now to wait till someone downloads it and approves it. It scanned pretty well and I enjoyed trying out my new scanner on it.

Well, I suppose I should go so I can listen to this music and enjoy the warmth of this coffee as it goes down. The alcohol is having no effect on me but the caffeine sure is as I'm typing really fast for some odd reason. More later I'm sure. It's been a hell of a long time since I've gotten any comments so if anyone ahs anything ground breaking to say, let me know.
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Fiona and me in the snow

good news

Two cups of tea later and my brain jell-oed, I'm done with that meeting. We discussed lots of things and everyone seemed to enjoy being wishy washy about other things.

We started out by discussing this new system called PRS which basically runs server side. wait a minute, maybe I should do this because I know not everyone's a geek and wants to read this.
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One thing that hasn't changed about internet radio in general is that people continue to make things more difficult than they really need to be. It's quite annoying really.

The difficult part of the whole meeting was the schedule and one that I was waiting to hear. It was made difficult by my cable modem needing resettingright in the middle of the meeting. After much arguing we decided on my slot which is the best I've ever had, amazing things never cease to happen.

My friend Steve ceases to amaze me at how cool he is. He has given up his slot for me, and now I have a prime time Friday night slot. It's good for pretty much anyone but people in Europe, but I'm assured of many oportunities to cover for people with the Celtic only format. I plan to concentrate on world and new age music, and it's going to rock! I'm so happy!!

Anyway, that's the big news. I'm very glad I'm not program director anymore. That must have been hell for Steve, wow!

More later.