March 18th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

35 hours and counting

Saddam has thirty five hours to get out as of now, and I think the chances of that are like zero to negative ten. I think Bob Schieffer summed it up nicely, if the war ends good, he'll probably get re elected. If not, he's S.O.L. I have to support the tropps overseas and support I hope to do and will. I still can be against the war though.

After writing in my journal, I engaged in MSN conversations for ac ouple of hours and watched the President's speech. I tried to stay up later to reset my clock, but ended up getting up before six yet again after staying up till ten. I'm tired as a result today.

Not much else to report. I feel inevitability in the air.
Fiona and me in the snow

afternoon tea?

4:01 pm, time for tea, but I lack the energy to fire up the jug and procure some hot water. Grandma and mom went to this hair place in Searcy pronounced Sercy by the way, so that mom could get her hair done. I think they were planning on dropping back by the school to pick up some things as well.

Not much excitingly new is going on over here except for ewll ... hmmm ... spring break? No. Taking a nap? Yes. It felt quite good, definitely was refreshing.

I've been reading more and more journals lately, and there hasn't been many that have actually been pro war. Maybe people who keep journals and who are intelligent in any way don't go against war. One cool thing that would totally bog the server down would be a search engine for live journal. If you could search for things like "bush is cool" "bush rocks" "war is good" etc. that'd rock because then you could send lots and lots and lots and lots of comments to the poor sods (people) about how in fact they suck. Must make a note to suggest that.

The planes fflew by again today, which reminded me of the entry I wrote about a month ago about the war. Though I'm sure they were doing routineexercises but still. Severe storms are forecast tonight so we're battoning down the hatches and Arizona grandma is excited just to be getting rain. I love weather so I'm excited as usual. More later, I'll now go and heat up some water. Late afternoon tea is ust wrong.
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