March 19th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

the calm before the storm

I talk about the calm before the storm, last night, we actually had a storm. It wasn't a thunderstorm but one of those soaking rains that we welcome so much when it comes at night and curse if it comes in the day. This one happened at night, and lasted most of the night. It was quite good. The calm I speak of is the calm before the stormy war that is sure to come within the next couple of days. They say that there will be many protests upon the outset of the war but what's the point really? It'll happen so might as well be for the support of the troops. I've said this before in these pages, but I don't see much of it being spoken about in my friend's entries so I thought I'd reitterate.

To continue from my last entry. Right after I finished my last entry, my family came home, so I missed turning on the jug and having hot ready for them when they got home. all that talking about it delayed me just that little bit as to miss their arrival. Afternoon tea was good though as Grandma bought some tim tams from the Australia store for me and I was happy. Tim tams are an Australian cookie (biscuit). They are chocolate coated and have two cookies, almost like a sandwich. In between the two cookies is also chocolate. So it's definitely chocolatey and definitely good.

I went to bed early after selecting about six albums to download form the newsgroups, I still haven't finished downloading them, and then went to bed. I didn't talk to anyone on the phone, I just was so tired that I collected Fiona dn we both went to bed. She slept on her rug, I on my bed. Funny, sometimes she asks to curl up on the bed, sometimes it's on the floor. Dogs can be weird sometimes.

I don't know what we'll be doing today, probably not much. I'd like to do some reading and I'll also probably start on some uni work. We'll see. I shall return this afternoon. Peace.
Fiona and me in the snow

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Tea is over and of course, after tea I must write. Hot liquid = creativity.

I got one of the cds today that I have been waiting for. I had planned on giving them negative feedback but juts found out that my cd has been sitting at the Little Rock Post office since the 11th of March. Not their fault I guess. Oh well, I'm listening to the newly ripped tracks and though very techno-ish it's good. Mixed to the techno beat are cool drum loops and world music sounds such as Native American chants etc. It's more of a dance or trance cd, so I might not play it as much on Culture Beat.

I haven't been doing much today. I talked with Amber and she's ready to come and visit me which is good. Hopefully we'll come up with some cool things to do while she's here. We plan on playing with computer stuff and listening to and/or downloading music, should be productive and exciting. We also worked out some things about our friendship and that was good, at least now we are on the same page so to speak.

It's just now started to rain, too bad it's freaking hot in here. I suppose it's either that it is actually hot in here or caused by the fact that I've just had hot tea. This techno doesn't help my atmosphere much, makes me feel like I should be foam dancing or something. Oh well, it's nice.

This evening's plans include going to dinner at a Mexican food place which should be fun and tasty. Hopefully there won't be too much gaseous product, but I'm sure there will be some.

The deadline is now three hours away with battle plans shrowded by classification and secrecy as they should be. The networks keep speculating as to the plans, but time will tell as the bombs start to drop and the ground troops move in. I hope that many Iraqi troops will surrender as is expected. The republican guard will I'm sure hang tough to protect Baghdad, but I know there is an undertone with the general population of anti-Saddam. I'm not a fan of Saddam; neither am I of a war. More later.