March 24th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

happiness and peace

When I listen to the music I'm playing right now, I'm currently doing my show, it puts me at complete peace not only with myself but with the world around us. Celtic music brings me up. There's so much memory, so much experience attached with this music that I think the Celts had it right. They brought this music to people for centuries to show their true emotions, and even to calm emotions that were hard to calm. That's how it is now, I'm not sure exactly why it is so much today, but it is. Sometimes I get tired of Celtic music, as you do with any type of music, but with your favorite music whatever it is, it can put you in an undescribable mood. Of course with some people, techno pumps them up, metal grunges them to the max, classical puts them to sleep and relaxes them. For me, Celtic music puts me at total peace with my problems, sweeps all of the cares that plague me away.

Not much to report as of now, so I'll close here. The shoow is going reasonably though I have very few listeners, like 2. The guy before me didn't even show up, so I came on earlier than I was supposed to as to not have dead air. f I would have known I'd have come on even earlier, but alas, I didn't. Enjoy the day, live it to the max, and peace.