March 25th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

coffee time still is wartime

It's now almost half past eight and I'm slogging through my third cup of coffee. Mom picked up a second packet of kalua nut coffee which was way cool, and both of us have been consuming it. My dad tolerates it but doesn't enjoy it.

I find it interesting that as I sit here writing, sipping coffee, that people are dying in the name of their respective countries. I know that Saddam is a bad person, and those who support him are either bad or being forced, but they are dying nonetheless. Dying for what cause, I don't know. News coverage always throws out numbers as if life is so expendable, but as is reported about American deaths, there still exists the Iraqi deaths, the Iraqi soldiers who have families too, who have stories. God if there was a way to just kill Saddam and spare the rest of it I'd go for it, but there isn't. Today's odometer to Baghdad is 50 miles and closing slowly. The chemical red zone is near; at least if they use chemical weapons, we might get more world support but somehow I doubt it. One thing that really pissed me off today was when watching Tony Blair speak. I realized that he has spent many times talking about war. He's the leader of Brittain, and he's much more publically visible and publically held responsible. But where's George? Why the hell is he not in the public eye? It's just more more strike against him as far as I'm concerned. He'll not get my vote yet again I am positive.

Any freaking ways. Me and Amber hung last night for a while and had fun drinking tea and bsing. It's been good to do that and we've been getting more relaxed around each other as of late. That's been good.

Now for an Amber story. I'm not going to go on forever but here's the very condensed version for those who want to know. I met Amber while in Australia; I helped her get her dog, Betty, over there and through quarantine. Betty is the Coolest. I went to visit her after knowing her for a bit over a year, and we started going out after getting along very well after about a week. It had been a good relationship and lasted for three months about. I had doubts as to if I wanted to be in a relationship and also as to what love was and how I could characterize it in the relationship. We continued to be good friends, and because of my doubts I decided that it might be better if we were friends. I think eventually it will be better that way but I'm sure we will have tense times as things go on. Any questions?

Anyway, not much else is going on. I've been busying myself with organising and trying to find cds that are missing around here. I'm missing some of them that I really wanted, i.e. my stupid Phillip Glass cds. They are somewhere, I have no idea where, but I want my damn piano solos album. Oh well, It'll surface somewhere and f not, I'll just have to find a used copy. Arggggg. Why am I so attached to my cds. I have no idea. I'm glad I'm still attached to this lj, it's been great for me. More later.
Fiona and me in the snow

rainy peaceful night

Rain falls slowly as I sit listening to some slow George Winston tunes. I didn't realize I would enjoy George Winston does the Doors as much as I do, but it is quite good. Winston is a piano player, and I base much of my music on his playing. I still haven't re ripped the rest of his stuff, that I must do some day soon.

As I've said before, it's a rainy evening outside and whenever it's rainy and I'm listening to nice piano music I feel peaceful. I wonder if the rain in Baghdad and the rest of Iraq is washing the blood from the ground. Where does the blood go when it's washed away? Back to where it came from I guess, the ocean. I have a feeling I will be writing about war topics for many weeks if not months to come. War is that way, difficult, cruel, and at times insurmountable. I hope some day that rain can wash it all away and replace it all with peace.

I haven't accomplished much today. I can't really remember much of what I've accomplished if anything today. I didn't even download any new music. I did listen to some new stuff I got yesterday which included wailing women. That is the freakiest most weird music I've ever heard. So, being weird, I researched it. Apparently, women were paid to wail after deaths. Sometimes they'd wail for like 40 days as a period of mourning. I'd rather die than listen to 40 days of wailing women. Their mournful tones to quote Amber "sound like a horror movie". I can't figure out why she likes the sounds as much as she does. She's a weird one, but I was instructed to say that she is incredible. I agree, she is incredible because she is so ready to forgive and give people second chances. She holds no grudges, and it's commendable.

Tomorrow's plans include making an audio promo for Culture Beat, at least I have an creative idea on how it'll be put together. I just need to get motivated to do it. When that happens I'll have fun.

I'm still unsure of certain things concerning newly found friends. In talking to one of them, I think I have figured out a solution to my problem, but the plan must be implemented and will take time. Well, must dash off an email or two before I go to bed, I'm really really tired, then I'll drift off to the peaceful rainy sounds of the night.
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