March 27th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

animal universe

I got up this morning a bit after 6, and Fiona was absolutely crazy running around trying to either growl at, bark at or play with the rest of the animals in the house. This wasn't too cool of an idea for our old dog Mini who is currently sick with what we now think is a collapsed or collapsing trachea. When she gets agitated she starts to cough, so we try to keep her relaxed. She's like 13 years old now. But anyway, I think Fiona wishes she could work or something, I have no idea, but I'm on the same wave length. I want to work again soon too. It was like animal planet over here let me tell you and now that my mom is gone and Boomer, the big dog that we have, is outside, everything is quit and all is well thank god.

I can feel a non insightful and boring entry coming on because pretty much all I did was watch Survivor last night and chat on msn all of which do not involve evoking insightful musings and comments. But since I'm getting to writing earlier than I usually do for the morning entry, I'm sure I'll come up with something cool to bs about. Going to ring Megan today which is sure to be cool. I'm also planning to ring my friend India which should be interesting as well. Suffice it to say, if you want me to call you today, get your reservations in today, the schedule's fillin up. Note: Calling parents does not count on schedule of calling engagements, and since Amber's here I don't have to call her. Anyway, this should also invoke evoke and provoke some cool musings on my part and if it doesn't I'll just call someone else, maybe do the random telephone dialing thing, until I get something cool. More later.
Fiona and me in the snow


It is the main goal in my life to come up with subject lines that both reflect my day and reflect how I'm feeling at the moment. The most fun subjects are those made up, those in which you make up words that describe these feelings. I challenge everyone to do this with their journal entries, try to come up with a subject line that has a word you've made up to describe something that happened that day or somehow how you feel. It's really quite cool.

So promolicious. Yes, I spent all day making my promo, and besides the fact that I screwed up the time in the promo, i.e. said my show was on Friday rather than Saturday universal time, all went well. I had to make it twice because I had computer issues, but oh well, maybe one of these years I'll make another non screwed up one but hey, it give my show character and me character.

Animal universe has ceased existing for the moment though Betty got smashed once or twice with the walker today. Damn, I wonder when she'll learn. It'd suck if Betty like lost an organ because of me or something. Then Amber might have to go home with an organless Betty which might kind of suck to be her.

I've tried to stay cheerful during these difficult times and write not on the perils and tribulations of the world because life really does go on outside of Iraq. I found it funny today though when the weatherman was doing weather for Iraq and said that it was going to be 58 in the northern part of the state. Stupid idiot. War does continue with lots of Iraqi casualties. There have been fewer American casualties, but it still shows the point that you (Bush) can't get cocky about war. No matter how short you think it may be, get a clue. They opened up an airport in the north of the country today, an airfield really. There now exists an airport called Bush International Airport in Iraq. That's almost as bad and somewhat synonymous i my opinion to Saddam Internation Airport in Baghdad. I think both of the leaders have issues, either that or they are crazy people.

Ok, the show, final topic and one that is meant to lighten my omber entry. I can't wait till this war is ovver so I won't have to be negative all the time. Anyway. My show is on Friday from 7 to 10 pm Central time, 12 noon saturday in Australia. To go to it, click on the ACB Radio Interactive site. Pick the connection speed rather or not you have a modem or dsl etc., and click listen. If I'm not on, you'll get whoever's on at the time, but if you log on at the time I'm on, 7 pm Central, you'll get me. You can add to your msn lists if you want to talk to e or email there when I'm on. I was requested to put all the info in here, so that way I can just reference this entry next time and not type it all the time, grin. Well, not much else going on. I still have to make a couple phone calls/take a shower. Hope all is well with everyone, more later, peace.