March 31st, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

entryistically challenging

It has been a long time since I have written but that's more because I've been pretty tired as of late plus have been doing lots of shows and enjoying that. So this morning I'm feeling very motivated to do things so am typing out a quick, or not, entry to keep myself updated and you of course on the happenings of ner.

Damn, stupid msn distractions, I started writing this entry an hour or amore ago and am now just getting to wring more, wow what progress.

The world continued as scheduled this weekend and the bombs kept falling, enough of that.

Amber and I had a good time together this week, even though we had some really amazing and hard fought debates through the week. We didn't do much, I did a lot of computing, she did a lot of reading. We enjoyed hanging though and that's what was important. We took her to the airport yesterday afternoon, and she made it ok, but lost her bags yet again. She has some luck that's for sure, never met anyone who lost as many bags as she has.

I did some helping on, and hope to help with broadcasting for them later. I was unable to do a broadcast last night as I thought I was going to do because I had some issues with my plugins and it'd be too difficult and boring to go into. KXUA went well except for that Helen was late and so we just broadcast for like a half an hour until she showed up. The person before me hooked me up and got it all going, me and amber hooked the millions up with music. I am going to bring it to them in vorbis next week and that's going to sound really good, would sound even better if the damn cable company would get a freaking clue.

I didn't go to class today with my mom, will be going tomorrow and maybe thwed thurs and fri, don't know. Must do work there, must absolutely so work. I must lose all distractions and do work.

Well, I must probably end this rambling and horribly boring journal entry because I've run out of things to say. Peace to all, may all be good in your world.
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