April 4th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

musically inclined and coolly reclined

It's time for a long awaited entry that I'm sure you're all waiting for. I sure have been planning to write, have been planning to a lot of things really, but you know. I have either been not motivated to write due to news and world events or just didn't have much interesting to write. I don't know if what I have to write tonight on this dark and stormy night, but it will be an update much awaited.

I'm sitting back now, or sitting up I should say enjoying doing my show. It has been going well for once, and all I have to do now is recallibrate my limiter settings for kxua show tomorrow. Or I should say for acb radio show tomorrow. My stream sounds good, but I think I need to do some more stuff to my audio. Enough of that.

The past couple of days, I've been going to school with my mom and have watched the craziness of Lion TV and Lion Press. Today was extremely crazy with the senioritis plagued people totally being annoying. I've also had to do a story about myself done by some sixth period girls. There questions are haphazard and unstructured. Their attitudes about the story are all wrong. They want to do a story about how I am "normal" and how I did that. My friend India says that Normal is just a dryer setting, I tend to agree.

Ju st finished my show, about an hour ago. My journal entries sure take time to write, either that or I get distracted. Again, the latter.

Anyway, happenings of the week, back to focussing. Besides the fact that I have been going to school and watching the news, which is a bit more promising now with more progress, there has not been much to report. Lion TV, the real TV class (not sixth period they are intro kids) is going to do a real story on me. It was my mom's idea to get someone to do it so India volunteered. I objected that she knew too much about me but she said that she would be able to ask the right questions. She took several pages of notes during our interview a couple of days ago and will be coming out here to film me doing my show / using my computer etc.

That's been the extent of it guys, I wish I had a more exciting life. It seems that life lately has consisted of war, school (doing nothing really there), more, broadcasting during my weekends, and then more war coverage. I do enjoy the socialization I get by going to meet people at my mom's school. It kind of sucks that the math teachers can't find me someone / some people to tutor, but I'll take what I have. So ends this very unorganized entry, I should stop before your pain increases on an exponential level. God maybe I'll come up with something insightful and interesting to write tomorrow when I have coffee corsing through my veins and psyche. Can coffee corse through your psyche? Yeah, I think so. More later guys and Peace.