April 13th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

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There's something truly disgusting about drinking cold coffee. I don't see how people can drink iced coffee, it' just wrong I think. Now iced tea is a different story, I can handle that, but coffee, no. Of course, some people can't figure out how I can like hot tea as much as I do.

Yesterday was pretty uneventful as my life has been lately. Just did a lot of downloading so that I could fulfull my monthly quota without losing any of it. I can download 6 gb for $9.95 and I wanted every bit of it for the money.

I did my show, and proved to myself that my connection is still a bit dodgy. I skipped just a bit and lost connection twice but we had lots of cool listeners around the states and that was really neat. I actually had fun doing the show. When they install the t3 I'll have a better time.

I stayed home from church today on event of me hating to carry the walker everywhere I go. I can now put 60% of my body weight on my leg, but I'm sure I could put more on it if I could just get the medical authority from the doctor to do it. So I'm home.

India and Luke are coming over, Luke the camera man, and India the reporter to do a story on me. We'll probably do tea afterwords, but it's annoying because I haven't made anything for tea or have anything for it. Oh well, they'll deal.

Well, more later when it becomes available. Thank god the world is finally winding down, I'm proud of myself, no news in 3 days, how cool.
Fiona and me in the snow

incoherent contemplations of the deranged and deflated spirit

Today's not bee the greatest, mostly because I'me reevaluating everything that I've done in the past, reevaluating how I should have done things, how they should have happened etc. What's done is done, what happens or happened has already passed, but I still can't help but think. I think too much at times, it's like my mind is on constant overload, trying to see how I can optimize things, how I can do things better. And I fear that it is all in vain.

I did a lot of downloading today, mostly radio dramas which are quite cool. Chris is helping me with some of it so that's really neat as well. Talked with Rebecca and Chris in tandum today, and we had an ultra deep conversation. I've re evaluated things before, but our conversation has caused me to rehash it again, though I know that the object of the conversation was not to make me feel bad. I don't really like hurting people, I am everyone's friend or I try to be, and it distresses me that I've done something unintended. Oh well, what's done is done. In reading friend's pages, I came across some Ghandi quotes in missfire which were poignant and true to the times of now not only in world events but events close to my heart.

In other news, India and Luke failed to show up today; they didn't even call. So I'm not sure exactly what happened. My theory is that they didn't find a camera or didn't bring one home. They could have called me and I would have told the that we had a camera that they could have used. Oh well, I'm not going to worry about it; it's too exhausting to worry now. Well, I suppose I should go and maybe play some music. I have a show in the morning so will stay home yet again. No one seems to want that slot so I'm kind of stuck with it. Oh well, I'll take it and people seem to like the music.. Wow, I'm hitting the limit of oh well's as compared to my entry on asses. This is the end of my muse, peace out everyone and enjoy and be all things amazing.