April 16th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

too hot for hot tea but hey, why not overheat

Perhaps I should open a window, perhaps I dhould charge my battery on my laptop, grab a wireless network card, gather up a card tab,e and write from outside. Note to self, I must sry this some day, it would be way cool, **way** cool. It's not that it is hot outside, it's pleasant out there, but it is definitely hot inside.

I went to school today, and had a productive dy doing nothing. It's a paradoxical situation that only few can understand, but it was fun and a welcome rest from being home. I'll be looking forward to staying home tomorrow as the Lion TV and Lion Press will be going to the ASPA Journalism convention tomorrow. I'll continue offloading the growing amount of crap I keep getting, hundreds of hours of BBC comedy, to the server in hopes that it will get placed at some point.

Well, I shall end in longing for going outside. I also long to write something more productive next time. Why am I so concerned with productivity? Probably because they drum it into us as engineers we have to be productive. More productivity later.