April 18th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

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I haven't read friends pages today, even started writing a journal and the computer locked up, so I never finished the article. The basic story of the day is that I didn't do much, ust find an audio cable tomorrow so I can start transferring the stuff I have for classes to a computer file, that way I'll be more likely to listen to them and more likely to do work. Doing work would be good at this point.

I finished the whole pot of chai tea before we left for going to that Mexican food place, I don't think this is too good of a sign.

I'm currently doing a show and all has been pretty well, the internet is even behaving which is absolutely amazing. Well, so ends the shortest entry of my journalling career, will write more, hopefully when I'm not tired, wow I want to go to bed so bad, 33 inutes to go.