April 20th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow


Happy Easter everyone! I'm still full from turkey and mashed potatoes and olives that I'm writing to digest the callories that I just ate, not that I need to lose any weight or anything, but yeah.

It's pretty warm outside, a cool breezeis coming in through my window, but the house itself is hot. I think I'm going to have to take myself up on the offer of taking my laptop outside with wireless connection and writing a journal. Might do it tonight but mosquitoes might eat me alive. Well, at least I'll have my last words recorded down for everyone to see.

We went to church this morning and I enjoyed it. There's lots and lots of people that seem to go only on Easter, but it's always good to see people there. was able to go without my walker which was brilliant.

Well, should go because I've run out of things to write. More later.
Fiona and me in the snow

welcome to the pastry factory

Lj's being as flaky as a puff pastry, which reinds me, I should really make a dessert one of these days. Anyway, I had to do a bit of creative re arranging of comments on my page for my last entry, because we had a couple of double posts, one of them my post. I really think they need to change the error message
"The Database is having problems"
"The Database is having issues, coe back in a few minutes and we'll have screwed your entries totally up."

Have been listening to more of The Left Behind series today, and man is it getting exciting and suspenseful. I wish people wouldn't keep dying though, that'll really piss me off. Dying characters that are cool sucks the big one.

It's still quiet here, my mo and dad are having a late dinner, I'm still full from turkey. Now I must say it's not as good as bread with ranch dressing, but hey, it' sfood right?

Oh no, Gabby's going to start trying to type here in a inute, she tred to be on the radio show last night. Gabby's the cat you see. She's really funny. There's a little hold in our floor where y ad is fixing the floor boards by the door. She sits guard over the hole in the floor as if somethings going to come in like a mouse. We don't know if there was something that actually came in, but Gabby the guard cat at your service.

Must write some emails later to Aussie Land even though I'm a day late. They'll just have to deal. I was just thinking about how cool it is to be home for easter, the past easter I was away in Australia, and had to adopt a family, Beck's family, so I went to her house without Beck. Her and her sister didn't want to go home, but I wanted to get the hell out of Edwards hall so I called, I have the log still the audio on my show, and asked if I could come home. More later. With a smile.

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