April 21st, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

ah yes

Ah yes? Ah yes!!! That's the best subject I could come up with??? Well yes, it is so deal.

Today was a bit boring thouh I did some recording of some pretty funny bbc comedies. I really love British humour, it reminds me of my own very dry wit. I'm growing quite a collection of it, not as huge as people who have been recording it for years, but 4 gb is still a good number.

My Celtic collection isn't growing too much simply because I have most of the things that are posted or am getting them. I'm starting to give up hope on the dvds that I'm supposed to get. Who knows when Steve will get around to copying them, he keeps saying he's been too busy to do it which is fair enough.

It's supposed to be a cool night tonight which I'm thankful for. It's good to be able to pull up my coers and like of be able to stay warm without sweating too much. I really am amazed by Fiona, she can curl up and be comfortable pretty much anywhere, wish I was that way, dogs are always that way though I guess. More later when it happens, peace.