May 25th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

you won't believe it but I'm writing agin

Hi guys,

This entry is going to be quite short because I'm technically not spposed to be writing on account of my arm. On Thursday, I had my surgery to get the plate on the ulna side removed. I was doubting whether or not I really needed it done and I probably didn't need to HAVE it done, but it would have had to be removed sooner or later so I jsut had ti done because it had been sensitive previously.

I stayed overnight in the hospital after a successful surgery. It was and still is painful; I am wishing I had the newest version of Dragon installed on here so I could speak lots rather than type but I don't so this will have to be short. I was glad that XM came in without too much trouble down there, turns out there was a repeater quite close by so we just had to whack down the antenna and we had it. Gave me something to listen to keep my mind off my arm. I really enjoy this new resident Dr. Aronson has, very very different than the last one and very friendly. He has the bedside manner thing down pat.

I have been working a whole lot on making the xm pcr accessible to blind people through jaws. It's been difficult writing the scripts but fun, and really has helped keep my mind busy. Which is probably why I haven't written in my journal lately, because I've been busy thinking. That's a crappy excuse, and I should say in other words that I just haven't been feeling creative enough to flam together somewhat inntelligible entries that would keep the reader reading.

I'm going to end this though, arm is really hurting from the effort. I'm going to write more soon though and going to keep it more regular as I travel this summer to Alaska and Arizona. More later, hope everyone's good, I hope I start feeling better, I'm sure I will.