June 8th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

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Time for yet another update in the endlessness that is my life. The truth is that there's not too much going on; life *is* exciting I swear :). I've been doing nothing but playing Planetarion and dealing with the cat who as is customary shares my lap with the keyboard and kneads her claws on very sensitive areas.

I'm also planning, or not, fr my trip to Alaska which will be stimulating and exciting. I'm sure I will write every day while there so I can chronicle the "This is what we did today" kinda crap. Boring for some, interesting for others, but it'll help me remember things.

I've also continued to wonder what I will do with life. I need to get a resume together to persue one branch of my interests, radio. Last week, I wrote xm about trying to get a job there, and they said get a resume together. Very interesting that it seems, I may actually have two or three different resumes seeing as I have so much varied interests. The interesting thing is, the resume for chemical engineering will be considerably shorter than my one for say computer programming or radio. I'll probably have to cut the radio one cack in fact. Not only do I have to send a resume but I have to get together a clips cd of my work as broadcaster from early days to late, and a proposal. Should be fun, and hey, if nothing comes of it, it won't hurt me at all I don't think.

I really should work on my scripts today to try to figure out a way to mathematically figure out some crap. People keep having problems with some screen resolution settings which I don't think I'll ever be able to get around. Ah well.

The day is going to be warm, and the jazz continues to be silky as I listen to it this morning. It's good Sunday music jazz is, puts you in the relaxing mood. More later, sooner rather than later I should say.