June 9th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

(no subject)

I'm fresh out of subjects so screw it, I'm not going to write one, :). I'm into this :) :P thing lately as that's what they use a lot on IRC and IRC's what I use to play Planetarion, so sorry of there's a plethora of those stupid things.

The morning started by me waking up atlike 7:30 and thinking, hey I don't have anything to do, what's the point. So I layed in bed for a while. At nine as I sat and sipped coffee Iiii said to my self "damn". I'd totally spaced my Celtic program I have on ACB Radio, and no one seemed to care at all that it wasn't on. So being that I'd figured this out like an hour before I was supposed to stop, I yet again said "screw it" and am now writing this entry.

Two days until the big trip, and I'm still looking forward to it. It's starting to be routine though as this will be my third trip to the land of the midnight sun, the land of the screwed up sleeping schedules. There, eating dinner at midnight isn't all to uncommon. A good thing is that we won't have to make the long trip from Anchorage around the arm to Kenai till the next day as we'll stay overnight at a friend's house. The arm is a piece of ocean that sticks into and separates the Kenai Peninsula from the main part where Anchorage is (I don't kow what that is now). There's no bridge across the arm because there's not a huge need for it. It's only about 10 miles wide but about 80 miles long so a trip that if you could go straight across takes about 8 minutes to fly and an hour (if you could drive across water) takes about three hours. So we'll drive there the next day and the adventure will start from there.

Not much going on today except for I have to book my flight to Hell, I mean Phoenix :)). It's not that bad, but I'm glad I'm going to head for my birthplace, the cool mountaisn, once I land. The flight leaves at like 5:50 a.m. so that really really sucks, but I'd rather not pay $90 more just to leave two hours later.

Not much else going on so I'll muse for a while.

I've been continuing to read my friends pages and as I've said before it's so neat to be able to probe into slices of people's lives. There's something though about reading hopeless romantic's writings that just turns your stomach the wrong way early in the morning. Wow.

Not much else, more later