June 22nd, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

fishing, fishing, and more fishing part 1

We just got back from taking my mom to the airport. That just means I only have two days left in Alaska to enjoy which is kind of sad, but on the same token, I'll be glad to get home as well. Bailey was very sad to see her Grandma go, and was crying quite a bit. We've all grown quite a bond while being here.

I'm going to have to break this entry up into two bits because I have so many pictures to post, and so much to tell about the two fishing trips we've been on first to the Russian River, and next to Anchor Point where we went halibut fishing. I'll first start telling about the Russian, then in the next entry, I'll go over the coolness of halibut fishing. We're planning on going out in a bit to go jetskiing, and hopefully, I"ll get to drive the boat. How cool would that be? Then we're planning on having a huge barbecue where I'm assured Sean can kick some ass with his ribs. Great fun, totally.

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And that's where I"ll leave you, I must go and go swimming/whatever else. Then if I'm not sufficiently tired, I'll type about halibut fishing, which I'm paying for today, damn it was fun. Again, I have great pictures of that too, and a great story too. Two days and life will return to boring normal, arg. More later.