June 24th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

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I'm not sure if I'll have time to get up the picture of halibut fishing on Saturday, but it will come soon. Maybe it'll be a reward to finishing packing. I alsoneed to send a complete version of the harry potter book to my braille lite so I have something to read on the 7 hour flight across the Canada ice fields.

I'm leaving today. We were toign to make the three hour trip to Anchorage today but it's not going to happen. Melissa is busy with the coffee cart (she owns one of these cool movable coffee carts that is parked in Kenai(, and her mom is having back problems. I've enjoyed the coffee cart though, I've had lots and lots of free coffee. YOu get really strong coffees here in Alaska, I guess it might be kind of like ones you might get in Washington or something? I don't now, but I usually get a 20 ounce mocha which has four, countem four shots of espresso. I had a 20 ouncer yesterday during work, and a twelve once right before we went flying. I was jittery to the point of feeling not good when I finished. Remind me not to do that again.

My mom arived yesterday, and is supposedly going to go and pick up Ally, my cousin from Arizona, who wanted to come back to Arkansas and visit us again. It should be interesting, me arriving one day after.

So we make the flight from Kenai airport, a ery small and quaint airport which gets most of its traffic in the summer. Hopefully me and Faye will be on one of those big planes (big meaning 20 seat planes). I flew to Kenai once in a 8 seat plane. That was one of the most layed back flights I've ever had, save the turbulence across the arm.

"Yeah, so you shold read your safety instruction cards in your seat pocket in front of you. Not that life jackets will help you if we crash in the ocean, but there are some back here behind me somewhere. Oh and, it's just me and the copilot so no crappy pretzels or drinks. Want me to throw your extra bag in the back, ok I'll do that." He then slammed the bag in the back kinda like one of those family vacasions where you try to fit everything in, and we took off. It was bumpy too, and Fiona didn't have much room to get in.

The bigger ones,20 seats, you even get a drink on the way. I don't know what the point is as it takes like 15 minutes to get to anchorage via the arm, but whatever.

We'll pick up Faye's car, she's renting one and driving to Dinale, Mount McKinnley. I've done that all, so I'm going over to Kirk and Susan's again for more piglatin lessons I'm sure. I didn't get to talk to Kirk much while I was there last time as he was leaving the next morning so it'll be good to see him too.

After several hours at work at which time I read Harry Potter, me and my brother took the Cesna 172 flying. It was Seans first time to try to fly the 172 which is a 4 seat Cesna, so he was learning, I was sitting in the back observing, and oddly enough navigating. I've always enjoyed listening to those beacons with morse code that people (pilots) use to navigate their planes. I decoded all the beacons we used, even corrected the instructor on one. He was quite amazed that I could do that.

Well, suppose I should go, I'll have to pack. If I have time though, I'll write more. There is still more I need to update including my boat driving experience which went quite well I might add. More alter.