June 26th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow


Well, I'm home, and if I thought my sleeping schedules were screwed up when I was in Alaska, they're really screwed up now. I'm still in the process of unpacking, actually I haven't unpacked much at all, but hey, I'm working on that, or something. I'm also going with a capital g update you on halibut fishing which is the most exciting part of my trip, and lots of family are looking forward to the photos from there too. I don't have the laptop taken out of my suitcase yet and I don't feel like getting it out tonight, so I'll write tomorrow.

Yesterday was nice. We had a luxurious lunch at Kentucky Fried Chicken with my brother Sean. Things in Alaska are way way too expensive let me tell you, because we got like a 16 piece chicken meal for like $35. I'm not sure how much it would run you here, but I doubt that much. It is always crazy taking the whole family places, as the kids are loud and crazy as usual, and yesterday was no different.

The flight was uneventful and Susans directions were easy for Faye to follow. Reagan, (I am not spelling that right I can tell you that for sure) and Trevor were happy to see me, and we immediately sat down to a game of Leggo soccer when I got to the house. Not only was I surprised that I could actually play the game, but I was also surprised that I was somewhat good at it especially since I didn't even know it existed. I just hung out there at Kirk and Susans for a while, told Reagan the wonders of orkday and eirdway, which Kirk is very glad I did, and then we had some extremely tasty chicken that Susan mader. Kirk came home after his meeting day and was glad to be able to talk with me again. He's always a good one to bounce off ideas too about life, so I hope to keep in touch with him more again. Then we went to Reagan's baseball game, I continued to both watch the game and read Harry Potter which continues to take up way too much of my time.

I was sad when the time cme to say goodbye to the fam at Kirk's house late last night for the long flight home. I assured everyone that I'd be back. There were no tears then, but Kirk tells me that they would come soon enough. He got a concourse pass, and ran down with me to the gate till the plane got ready to leave.

Not much of merit happend after that except for I was able to sleep. There was no little babies crying, and since it was like midnight already people didn't have much energy to blab. I still don't get it that they fed us dinner at like 2 a.m. but hey, whatever, its food. I ended up getting like five hours of sleep, most of the flight, and once we landed, I had to endure like four hours of layover in St. Louis. My dad met me in Little Rock and I spent the rest of the day reading and trying not to fall asleep, something of a battle which I lost sadly enough.

So taht's why I'm still awae now. My mom, Allie and Dad are all asleep and the house is quiet. Allie's been very nice to be around, and I'm happy about that. Well, I suppose I should sift through the new email that just came through, then go to bed. I'll write more tomorrow.
Fiona and me in the snow

fishing, part 2

I suppose it's time to update on fishing, something I keep putting off because (a) I've been tired, or (b) too busy.

Woke up at 10 a.m. today which is quite disgusting, I should stop doing that for sure. Nothing much of merit to talk about today except for I just finished eating two breakfast bagles.

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More later.
Fiona and me in the snow

alaska a final report

I really need to finish with Alaska so I can continue with the today. So I'll continue with Sunday, then start talking about the today rather than being stuck in the past.

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I hope to come back to Alaska soon, even though the only injury I got was some sore ribs which I neglected to describe here. No need to describe the bad things hey? Anyway, I plan to come back next year and I already can't wait.

I've finally gotten all of my plans finalized for my trip to Arizona which will be much less eventful than the Alaska trip. It'll be good to see family though.

I called my doctor today to tell him about my fishing and get his email address, and then realized that I had an appointment tomorrow. I'll be getting an e-rey fo my arm just to see how healing is going. I'm sure it is going great, but we need to just make sure. I'm bringing him some fish too which I'd promised I would bring as well.

Well, I suppose I should get started on writing people about school for next year. I'm quite discouraged about it as usual, and hope I can finish my degree, some way somehow. I also need to get started on writing a resume so I can get it sent to xm, and get me in their files for a possible job. So I should go now that I've totally updated things. More later; I loved bringing my trip to you all, was absolutely cool.