July 8th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

forecast hot and dry for eternity

At least I've got XM up here amazing withall the mountains around,b ut it seems to come in even better than when I'm at home which doesn't seem real possible. We went into the main part of Strawberry to get a haircut and me and Grandpa thoroughly enjoyed visiting with the locals and getting kick ass haircuts. I wish I could have a picture of it but I don't have a digital camera up here.

The day that I go to Phoenix looms. Highs will be blazing on Thursday, hot for Phoenix even. We'll be leaving for there on Friday due to the fact that my mom got in today later than expected due to airplane problems. Something happened with the generator. Today I believe that it will reach a cool 111 and on Thursday we'll be getting 116. I guess being hot is like it is when you're really cold. After a point, it just appears like the same temperature, it just is hot, hot and dry. Its even dry here in Strawberry which isn't really normal for here. Its been 81 days since they had rain in Phoenix, probably about that many here. Because the trees, pine especially, are weakened by the lack of rain, the bark beetle has noticed this and taken over, killing many trees. Its very sad really. My grandparent's well has run dry and they're now on public water. Hence, we go by the old adage we've been living by as far as flushing the toilet goes, if its yello leave it mellow, if its brown flush it down. Disgusting I know, but thats water saving for you. All the grass has died, the garden isn't doing great, and they have to water things to keep them alive. Its mmore expensive to cut down trees than it is to water, so they water.

Not much else is going on here. We're having roast beef even though my mom is not going to be here, so that should be good. The pork chops were good. Well, I suppose I should go. Carol, my aunt, has turned on her air conditioning in our honor :), so I suppose that is good. More later.
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