July 10th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

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It's hot today, very hot here in Strawberry. Usually, it is about 15 degrees F cooler here in the mountains than the valley. The humidity is up there today, so that kept the temperature from the forecasted high of 116to 109, five degrees warmer than here in Strawberry. I shudder to think what it is like in Payson, 19 miles away but 1500 feet lower than us in elevation.

Yesterday was quite eventful. We watched some guys cut down some dead pines in a neighbors yard. The sounds that the saws made were quite impressive but not matched to the sounds of the falling sections of the trees. Unfortunately though, not enough care was taken, and a top section of a tree, about 50 feet up, hit my Grandma and Grandpa's fence. To guide the tree down, the person cutting the tree down has ropes attached to the tree. After cutting off most of the limbs of the tree, a person on the ground pulls really hard in the direction he wants the tree to fall. I guess he didn't pull hard enough, the cross bar on the corner of the fence is bent in half and we found out that the chain link (the fabric) of an eight foot section is also damaged. It's still not fixed.

So that's about all we did on yesterday was go into the living room away from falling limbs and trees that might accidentally fall on the whole house rather tahn the fence. We knew things were serious when they replaced the guys that pulled the tree with one of the guy's trucks to keep the rope guided. I guess they figured one fence was enough for a day.

Today's just been hot. I've been trying to find the coolest parts of the house since we have no air conditioning here as its not usually needed in these parts. Keeping cool is the name of the game here in Arizona, and since I left about ten years ago I've forgotten how to play that game.

We're heading to Phoenis tomorrow. My Grandpa has a doctors appointment in Payson tomorrow morning at 8:10, and its too early for breakfast so they usually have breakfast in town there. We're going to meet them at breakfast and I'm sure have a scrumptious meal.

Tomorrow night we're going to coo some steaks on the sidewalk, I mean barbecue, and then we're going to go (thanks to my planning) to Stomp, a musicalof lots of drums and noise. I'll tell you all about it when I go, and I'm really looking forward to it. Makes Phoenix almost worth it. I had to chuckle today as Phoenix is going to edge out Philadelphia as far as population goes. Phoenix will be then the fifth largest city in the u.s. So the papers today havebeen alight with both pro and anti phoenix statements. I'll paste my favorite anti Phoenix article in here tomorrow, until then, stay cool!