July 12th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

the blast furnace travels onward devouring 96 pieces of cake

Deal with the screwy subject and read on, this entry is classic. It actually relates to the topic matter contained in this novella.

I just got in from going out and its downright hot. I don't have any idea how I actually dealt with living here for so long, most of my life. I guess I just got used to a blast furnace and that was that.

I wonder what temperature it is right now in centigrade. I would have to get a calculator out to figure it out but I know in Fahrenheit, it's about 111, maybe about 50 C or thereabouts, who knows, I just calculated it and it's47.4 now. I am sure that Fiona was happy that she didn't have to get out in it, though I'm sure she wanted to "get out" I'm also sure she wouldn't appreciate her feet melting to the pavement as I'm sure they would have done upon walking onto the hot asphalt. Not only was it hot, but there was a tinge of humidity hanging in the air as we went out and about, and there was also a hot wind blowing up over the desert, not carrying the hope of much needed rain with it.

Last night's performance of Stomp was absolutely amazing. It's a dance group that uses normal objects, very normal and junky in some respects, and amazing that they could do so much with so little. They danced with such things as mops, brooms, and buckets, and while dancing, made different percussion noises with these things. Though they had lots of pantomiming and comedy that I would miss without description, the whole show was centered arond percussion and the fact that each bucket, each gas can, each broom sounds just a bit different. You never would think that 12 brooms can make so much noise, but some of the sounds that the Stompers made were absolutely amazing. Things that I will remember forever were the part where several people had Zippo lighters and opened and closed them rhythmically. You could hear the little clinking of the opening and shutting and, since the lighters still had fluid in them, could see the flashes as they came on and off (this is because the stage lights were off). There was also lots of junk hanging haphazardly on the walls. We just thought this was part of the decor, not so. The performers put on climbing harnesses after using the lighters and hung from ropes off the wall. While swinging across the wall on these ropes, they hit the various pieces of junk and made beautiful music. I can only imagine how it looked. If you haven't seen it, do it as soon as you can or when it appears in your town. It was well worth the $45 that it cost to go, very much well worth it.

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Well, so ends the longest entry I think I've ever written, coherent or not I hope its informative and easily readable. I am not sure if I have ever written such a large entry but I hope you read it, its worth it if you haven't, I think. I'll write about my Grandma's party tomorrow, as I'm sure it will be memorable as always these family things are. More Later, and stay cool for gods sake.

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