July 20th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

(no subject)

I'm not even going to try to come up with a damn subject; I mulled over something about coffe (I'm drinking it now as usual for my morning writing, about jazz because I'm listening to some stuff on XM now, no, so I'll just bs for a while. I'm drinking coffee as I said in a non implosive cup which is in fact good I think. I'd really enjoy going back and spending hours reading my journal pages. I've got 128 entries now, and I haven't calculated it lately, but since I write a lot, I've got over 100000 words and I have family members/friends who have actually read my crap. I love you all :).

Not much planned today till controlg hooks me up with a database schema that works more efficiently, then i can slam it into the ACB Radio code and we can all be happy because people won't be yelling at me to do things and do them now. Most excitement over here. The house is empty; my ad's outside doing stuff I have no idea what, Mom's at church (I had planned to go this morning), but was really tired this morning and though I got up early enough was not ready when she left. Its going to be a hot day as usual though cooler than Phoenix. I suppose I should write those emails I have been planning to write too.

Two were killed in Iraq today, they'll be remembered as statistics, numbers, not the people that they are. They'll be number 150 and 151 to everyone but those who knew them. Disgusting.
Fiona and me in the snow


I just wanted to write and comment on how freaking hot is is outside. I took Fiona out just now, and it was like walking out into a steamy shower from hell. Phoenix is one kind of heat, a dry arid heat, one that lasts for ever. Here in Arkansas, we have heat some of the time, and when it happens, it is so god awefully humid, you want to swim through the air rather than walk. I noticed that the air was literally thick. I wonder how much more air would weigh scientifically rather than dry air. I could figure this out, but that would be geeky, I think I'll just hang here in the cool house, look up vanilla ice cream recipes (I'm making ice cream today), and drink lemondadde. What do you think?