July 21st, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

(no subject)

Screw subjects yet again.

I'm currently email less, i.e. I can't connect to the mail server. Apparently they're probably doing some stupid ass mail server maintainance over the summer. Hopefully they'll fix it as I need to email people / answer questions.

I have a feeling taht though people say that they'll help me with this database project for scheduling shows, I won't get help. Therefore I'll become very familiar I am sure with databases, how freaking exciting is that? Sitting here drinking wine, maybe I should turn on music? Crap can't type because stupid cat is trying to type, funny kitty. she is so attention starved :). I like cats.

Ate some ice cream last night, that I had promised I would make. I only used half and half and some sugar and eggs, but I think next time I'll make ice cream using custard I make, that'd be awesome, that and I'll put vanilla bans in it, now that'd rock, that and a strawberry chocolate iced mocha mmmm. Must sto[, thank god we've just had dinner (had a bit of a break in this tntry due to chicken fried chicken and mashed potatoes.

It rained a bit today which cooled the morning down nicely. I haven't been doing much today but answering emails when I actually had emails and that kind of stuff. I had to do a show toady which sucked the major ass since I talked to those dudes for four hours. Maybe I should become a manager of some type one of those days and that way I might not have to do a show for a while, wait a mineute I have had a vacation. Still struggling with school which is going to be a bitch and a half but I will manage. At least I'll get to see sunnyblue. That'll rock, maybe after a while Fiona will get in Elvis's good books, Megan's cat.

I'm drinking a nice Chardinet tonight, well its not really nice. It's Charles Shaw we got in Arizona for $2.99 a bottle, and it is amazing how good it is for the price. It'd get you drunk for cheap thats for sure so I'm glad I don't get drunk, two glasses isenough for me. Tonight will be an early night, must must must do more work than I did today including emailing the university etc., and thinking more about this schedule crapola. I've started listening to The HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy from the BBC and its really great. Very hilarious, I should read the books some time, considering there are five books, and I read Harry in 5 days I should be able to tear through it quite quickly. I think I'll forgo ice cream for relaxation knowing full well that I won't be relaxing much when I start uni :(. More later.