July 24th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

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Drinking coffee at 2 pm should be banned, totally, its not a good practice, I think, maybe. Today's a great day for sitting outside, its actually cool, and when I went outside to take Fiona out I thought to myself that I should download some books and read outside. Reading outside puts you in a frame of mind, well at least it does me, of imagination and wonder. Even if it is a book you're reading thats out of this world or science fiction, being outside just adds to things. Of course if it were really hot, like if you lived in Hell, I mean Phoenix, it'd be a different story. On this note I'll leave you only to come back after having had some wine and food, and been totally beaten senseless at thinking about this schedule that I"ll come up with something quite odd to write about.
Fiona and me in the snow


Todays screwed up entry from the mind of a deranged individual you all love and know as ner is about cookies. We're not talking about those little bits of text and code your web browser exchanges while you search the web. We're not talking about the cookies "Oh yeah let's give you a cookie for reading this entry" though I would give you a cookie if you read this entry or my whole damn journal which I'd have to give you a huge cookie for being as long as the damn thing is but I'm talking about the wonderfullness of home baked cookies, cookies mixed by your own hands, crafted by home baked and mixed recipes, they're amazing aren't they, wow!

I've just finished baking some ginger molasses sugar cookies. I used brown sugar only for that flaky and soft resemblance of the belt in the mouth cooking of ner. Of course it was my mom's recipe but judging by the way the house smells right now I hope and I am sure that I did well. I LOVE the smell of home baked cookies that spreads through the house like an orgasmic tidal wave. The best thing is if it, the smell lingers. It likens to the smell of clean clothes after they're just out of the dryer, or the smell of rain newly fallen on a dry desert. Srust me, after you haven't seen rain in months in Arizona you get this same orgasmic feeling. What about the smell of fresh brewed coffee in the early predawn morning? Smells can tell a thousand words sometimes.

I'm working out a magna carta of peace between me and the web dude we have on ACB Radio. I wanted controlg to help with the schedule crap, but he didn't think that was a good idea. Long story, but we'll have to work it out. I'll just say, if I have to deal with it much longer I'll go crazy and start making cookies like all the time, I'll become the baker from hell let me tell you.

Not much is going on now; the night air is cool though I'm staying in so I can fill my lungs with the ginger air that hangs densely around the house. All the best, and enjoy the reading.