July 26th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow


There are some times I really love summertime, today was one of those times. Dinner was great, btu having cold watermellon was even better. Red, ripe, sumptuous, it slid down my throat with a satisfying flump. There's lots more where that stuff from dinner came from, and I can't wait.

I made more ice cream today which I thoroughly enjoyed. I had to do something I hadn't done ever and that was make custard. You have to boil the icecream just right to get just the right consistency all while concentrating on the correct ingredients to put in when and where. I could eat it now, but I like it when its marginally hard rather than eating really thick whipped cream.

Today's been quite uneventful for me that is. I dealt quite a bit with Stream Madness issues and that was fun. I'm sure that even if I don't do much technical with stream madness I'll learn at least communication skills, maybe. My mom finally got her new car today, a new Jetta Diesel. I always thought that diesels would be loud and smelly, I really can't tell a difference between this car and any other gasoline powered car. Its kind of cool too, leather interior etc., too tired to really remember what it all has :).

I'm feeling very dry for ideas to write abouut, creativity is waning, but it really doesn't matter, I don't think. This is MY journal, the fact that lots read it now is jsut a tasty biproduct :P. Haven't I said that before? I suppose I should quit now before I keep repeating myself :). More later.

uddate: I had some of that ice cream anbd I have never had any home made ice cream as creamy as that ice cream. Most home made ice cream I taste tends to be grainy , this was heavenly, oh ffreaking yeah, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!