July 27th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

welcom to my batchellor pad, please wipe your feet at the door

Damn dude, this be suckin. If I had more energy I'd write this entry entirely in Ebonics but I'm really tired for some odd unforseen reason so therefore I'll have to be all normal. I must make a note to myself to write an entry completely in ebonics maybe tomorrow morning. You're probably wondering why I've written the subject of this entry in such an abject manner. Well, my mom went to Camp STN, a camp in which really nerdy high school tv teachers get together for a week of torture in editing stories and putting together packages, I sometimes wonder whose package is the largest I'm sure they do too but they never admit it. Anyway, they're there for a week, leaving me and my dad to terrorize the place and see how many things we can burn down in the process or break while my mom is home. Luckily, I enjoy cooking so we've got that all wrapped up though my ad's on this really low fat low cholesterol, low sodium, low low low everything, and I'm not too familiar with cooking for him, so we have prepackaged deals which I can just throw somewhere and cook (the oven, the skillet, my ass, somewhere). We've also got the George Forman Lean Mean Grilling Machine which is o so great for quick burgers and supposedly low in fat, or something. So we'll probably do that one night.

Why do I concentrate on food so much in this journal. It doesn't consume my mind like many of you might think, its just a fixation of mine. I remember when I was in Australia staying with awallens and caryns_ark. Our big highlights were in planning the meals for the day, at least that was my highlight. At the end, when I was leaving, I got an apron from Caryn which was embroidered in regular print and also brailled with little beads "Chef Extroadinar". Rightly named I think even though I'm still working on certain techniques for cooking, like not burning things, making sure I'm mixing the right spices together, and not of course blowing things up. We'll leave that for when I'm in the lab.

I haven't done much today. I am in a beta testing program for Planetarion , and they said, wait for your activation. Well, I waited, and waited, and waited; even got an email thanking the people who tested for the first faze. What I didn't realize was that I had been activated long ago and could have tested and everything, no one got emails, not even me, so I'm all behind with learning the new game. They've changed a lot of the game so I'm going to have to study it so I can test as much as I can. I'm doing stuff for them with accessibility, so when the game restarts tomorrow, I'll be glad to test. It also is difficult because there's no manuals for the beta so we get to live and learn as they say in the educational world.

The mosquitos have been really bad lately, so we've had to continue to have citranela candles outside the door and everywhere so that when you open the door a whole colony doesn't come in. As you might know its pretty damn warm and humid up in here. I'm almost done with the first book of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and to this point it follows the radio drama almost exactly. I think it'll start diverging close to the third book ro thereabouts. So, I suppose I'll go so I can continue reading. Random thought of the day, this song is pretty cool, the Remedy, never heard of it before, well maybe I have but Istill like how it sounds damnit :). More later.