July 30th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

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Well, word from the planetarion team suggests that we will in fact be restarting beta testing, so I get to blow up things today which should be cool and awesome. Today's been spending watching semantics of President bUsh's speech which as usual never ceases to amaze me. Readers of this journal should know my political views by now :) so I won't go into it. He said two times todaywhich pissed me off to no end. Its been raining on and off today so I've been managing animals, in and out in and out, all day. Gabby wanted in now so I'm paying for that as she's clawing very sensitive areas at the moment. Though this stpid web page thing will be really easy, and I have ideas, I have no real motivation to do the copy and pasting that's necessary to get the job done. Well, more later after I get started building shit and blowing shit up on this game, how cool will that be, real cool!
Fiona and me in the snow

blowing shit up

Well, the day was spent preparing to blow shit up. In planetarion, it is a very much building based game. Basically what you do is build things to aid you in blowing things (people whatever) up. Its been around for a couple of years but they've totally rewirtten the thing now and I'm one of very very few whose been asked to test things. The cool thing is we get to practice and play and blow shit up and people don't get mad at you when you blow themup because for sure you're just testing the thing out. I got to use my spy tactics (built into the game) to attempt to ssteal, rape, and generally cause much destruction all in the name of testing. Not many have totally perfected (researched) their attacking tactics yet, so the blowing people up shit will all happen tomorrow. They're starting at 5 a.m. tomorrow and I might just get up early just so I get a head start at the explosion etc.

I really like games such as these because I can't play the graphical games all you sighted people get to play. So this game is a web based game and its all good because I am totally on a equal playing field with everyone and it really does rock.

It rained this morning but that was about it as far as rain. It pretty much left the day quite sticky and humid though it was a bit cooler than previous days. I was glad to be inside for sure though.

Well, I suppose I'll go to bed so I can get up tomorrow just for the hell of it. Why, because I can, and because I really want to get out of the habit of getting up at the late hour of 9 a.m., I know I know that's not late for the majority of the world, but for me it is damnit.

Well, with that, more later.