August 3rd, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

another entry

I've been experiencing with styles and I still don't think I like the one I'm using, I need some visual opinions so hopefully I'll be able to get them in due time, its so (stock style) its not even funny. Thinking about using Component, but it can become very busy which isn't what I really want, so we'll see.

This morning woke me with a start at about 3:30 or thereabouts with a huge loud storm. It was also relaxing which is why I actually got back to sleep.

I had a very productive conversation with Jeff, web dude, and I think he is able to communicate much better on the phone and in voice that he is able to with text. I'm still helping them out though I don't know how much I will due to time and motivation. I'm full of ideas and how to do them so I've been able to tell Jeff and he's said that he'll do it or help me with coding.

My sister got home from Memphis and a camp she's been working for this summer. She has been doing this for two years and I am happy for her that she enjoyed it thoroughly. I still worry though because in the years in which I have been going to university we have grown more and more apart. She's become much more conservative and more religious (this camp was a religious one), and I have become more liberal and more questioning of religions and which one might be best for me. Its not the same as it were when I was youth group president, and I'm not saying that I don't belive, its just hard because I am not as intense as she is. I also have an issue with my questioning; I in other words, wish I was more sure of what I believe. It just means I'll have lots more thinking to do, lots more. I don't think I'm wrong or right, I think I'm just confused.

I'm sure I'll write lots more about that later when I'm more coherent and I can put my thoughts down on virtual paper without contradicting myself and generally not making a point or helping myself feel more at peace with myself.

Well, must go and call ayraud and try to help her put pictures in her lj. She was using Semagic to make an entry that she'd beencomposing for about two weeks and she's lost it :(, so I'm trying to help her through it fixing things. So more later.
Fiona and me in the snow

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I do feel useful sometimes :). I just helped my Aunt ayraud Carol get her lj up and running. She typed up several pages and lost them so she's working on updating but she had a very cool mission trip to Peru which I'll be definitely looking forward to writing. Yay for getting family members on lj, everyone should hook up the cool relatives. Sleep needs me.
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