August 5th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

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I suppose I should post a more enlightening and exciting entry today since I'm sure you're all ready for some random musings from me. I don't know why I picked to put in my comment line "muse randomly on this entry" but I think its because I just muse randomly, writing down what comes to mind and doing it in a random manner.

It took me an hour to read and respond to my friends list today; as I add more people to my list, my reading time gets longer and longer. I hope they fix the comment counter soonish so I can tell how many comments I've been getting / receiving, its way off now.

It's absolutely a disgusting day outside. I walked outside this morning to take Fiona out and it was like walking into a steamy shower in hell. It was raining, but as usually happens when it rains, the air usually cools down. This morning it was hot, steamy, and disgusting, to repeat myself one time. Better than the frying pan from Hell that is Phoenix I suppose as it does get cool here once in a while and in Phoenix, it *never* gets cool, at least by my definition.

Its a bit less tense between me and my sister though you can probably still see the tension shimmering in the air like a mirage. It will lift though I hope.

I'm probably going to not work on the schedule just for the main fact that Jeff, web dude, isn't committal on what I should help with. I might help later on, but now I think I'll make something else on the web page. They want an artist search thing that allows you to search for artists in a database for the blind only artists channel called the Cafe. Should be exciting and something to do.

Man I'm exceptionally random today, sorry :). I procured and watched Saving Private Ryan. It was good but sad. Without description, I'd be screwed as far as telling what the hell was going on but I was yet saved again. Don't know what movie I will watch next but it'll hopefully be something reasonably good; I might have to start watching old movies or something. I could also read a book.

Well, more randomness to come later on in the day. Make sure to muse if you like and welcome to new friends who have just joined my crazy world.
Fiona and me in the snow

(no subject)

Sleep is not coming on as soon as I hoped it would. I just layed in bed for like an hour with no results. So I've resorted to calculating my greatest non friends at This link where it took me forever to get a slot to calculate. Apparently sweetstripe is my number 1 non friend and her boyfriend I was number 1 to. What the hell, something's a bit screwy. Run it and check it out, if you can get a calculation done, its worth it :).

I'm also trying to listen to this weird ass newage music which is supposed to calm you down. I really should turn on my own music as I've got hundreds of hours of it but this will do plus they do the mixing for me and I just have to turn it on. And ... I get to think about how its coming down from space which is a surreal and relaxing thought; space music coming down from space, wow! Ok I'll stop now, maybe I'll get to sleep now but I promised more randomness so I thought I'd fill more bytes and post. I really wonder how many words my journa l is, anyone want to read the whole thing and count for me :P. MOre later.