August 8th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

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Its somewhat disgusting in watching these court shows. They highlight lower class America and its ills and misgivings. I feel fortunate that I am in such good standing, in a good family, and for sure, that I'm not arguing about small amounts in front of a national audience.

Also, the commercials that they play during these court shows highlight society as well. The sope opera shows have commercials about baby care, the court shows have all the life insurrance, insurrance lawyers, etc., polluting ad airspace.

Fiona is laying on my bed, on my sheets no less, probably laying her head on my pillow. She's almost human sometimes, at least she things she is.

I've been doing some more administrative things for university today, getting things organized. My schedule is mostly solidified and that is good, at least I know what I'm going to do and how that's all going to work. Tuesday and Thursdays will be a hugely long and annoying day but at least on monday wed and Fri. I'll get to sleep in a bit. Its all about catching up, and I'll be very happy when I have no incompletes on my transcript and no f's due to incompletes. I think I'll have to make a point to myself that I will try hard to do my best.

Jeff, web dude, wants me to help with a page on the scheduling system so I'm planning on talking to him and working out a best plan o faction for how I'll do that. They're testing on Planetarion but because I started so late its really hard to test effectively so I don't feel motivated to help too much.

Lttely though I've been bothered by my lack of creativity. Usually I can bake my entries enjoyable to read and with interesting things that many will enjoy but as of late, I haven't vflt inspired to spin together thoughts about the world and its intricacies. I had planned to mention Arnold Schwartzenegar (spelling) yesterday, but since its been so covered and over covered in the news, I feel no need to even touch upon the subject.

As its lunch time, all I can think of is how I'm so extremely hungry. I'm planning on throwing together some kick ass macaroni and cheese which I am sure to enjoy. All the more reason to stop writing and start cooking, then start enjoying the warm day that's graced us with its presence today.
Fiona and me in the snow

revolution on a strawberry lime mango smoothy

It slips down my throatt fast at first, then corses into my stomach. There's no alcohol in it but to the Celtic music I'm playing to myself it compliments it greatly. THough its cold, very cold, it spreads through my innards with a curious warmth.

Why revolutionary, well I don't know? I figured it wouldn't be the greatest to write a revolutionary poem / ode of my ass though I might do that some time, but a descriptive parragraph describing my drink goes very well in the mood I'm feeling. I am actually doing better than I was before; I must not let things as happened earlier get me riled up.

I'm continuing to play my show and have like zilch listeners, so whoever's reading this and wants some excitingly lifting up music (Celtic and otherweird types of music?) go to this This Link and click the listen areas for your connection.

NOthing hugely amazing going on now except for the perpetual hang out mode I've been having lately. Haven't made cookies yet, must do that very soon. More later.