August 11th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

dude, my head is going to explode

Well, I've just got off the phone with web dude, and I'm thinking that I should figure out how to blow up things, how cool would that be? Not too cool probably. We're trying to design this schedule system to print out a kick ass schedule. Basically the short story is that the satabase select statements are going to be a bitch, and that's all I'll say because I'll bore all of you to teass and seeing as I've got lots of people who actually read this nonsense, I'll spare you the details.

I"m tired though, I'm rockin out to to some awesome jazz on xm which is peppin up the blood, movin the brain muscle, and promoting a crapload of cogitative creativity. I'm thinking I just made oup a word :).

The day at Chris was oh so exciting. I consisted of let's see, sitting there, sitting, there, more sitting there, and wiat wait there's more, sitting there. This sitting was enthralling, it consisted of me watching Chris snore away as I read pointless lj's because I'd got tired of reading my friends pages for the third time :P. Just kidding Chris it wasn't that boring, I took a nap, that's the ultimate of excitement.

Then, we had some kick ass steak, and margaritas, and then I trekked away from civilization to the house of Ner which is in the middle of freaking no where. Got another icon made by the iconic icon girl and then talked to the web god Jeff. So is my boring day to day life which I'm sure you did not want to read but you ad to anyway.

I would give anything to be typing this journal while listening to jazz riffs while sitting in a cool floating lawn chair in the middle of a swimming pool. Chris has one of those cool chairs and I thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of floating. YOu see, since I have a bone condition that makes my bones dense (and breakable I might add), I sink very easily in water. I have to work really hard to stay afloat while swimming, and sitting in that chair *is* heaven to me because I'm actually able to float. What a concept.

Well, not much planned for tomorrow, but I'm getting exceptionally confused now due to the thousands of aim messages floating to and fro, sO I will end this excuse of an entry, and head west my friends. I suppose I could go north, south, or east, but I picked west so there :).
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Fiona and me in the snow

randomness part 7 billion and the case of the dissolving chemical worker

For some odd reason, about 30% or thereabouts emails are getting bounced as they get to the uark mail server. Apparently there's some dude who doesn't like the thousands of employees and students who esnd and receive mail through there. Henceforth, I am missing some comments to posts taht I'm making and other things. It's ghrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrate.

I've continued to work on getting overrides to classes I need mainly my analytical chemistry lab class which is going to be a slightly sucky class but there's no getting out of it. Its a two hour class which is supposed to last like eight in real hours per week. The other annoying thing is taht I'm going to have to depend on a lab partner to have steady hands and good measurring skills as I won't be able do it myself. It is true that I can cook in the kitchen but when measuring out 1.6 mg of Potassium chloride for example, I suck. So, I'll have to deped on a totally random person to measure and I'll be the calculator dude and analysis man.

I kind of like analytical chemistry. My favorite question was basically this. Some guy working in x chemical company was drunk one day while working and fell into a vat of hydrochloric acid. No one noticed until two days later when they realized that he was in fact gone and hadn't shown up to work for those two days. The drunk chemical plant worker subsequently totally dissolved in the acid, and to prove that he had dissolved the police requested a chemical analysis done on the vat to determine if the chemical compositions were correct to the composition of a human body (the bits that had dissolved). Give the guy's body weight and other data, Use data given by chemical analysis to determine if drunk guy actually dissolved and therefore if the company was at fault.

What the hell?, and, I've always wondered did this (a) actually happen and (b) if not who is disgusting enough to sit in their graduate office and come up with it. The problem actually takes about thirty minutes to do and you find that this person actually dissolved completely in the acid.

Ah the joys of doing chemical engineering, and analytical chemistry even, oh what joy I have to look forward to next semester, and you'll all have to read about it. We'll just hope I don't go falling into any vats of chemicals.

I woke up at 9:30 after staying up till like 3 a.m. talking to amazingstar and controlg. The conversation was uneventful and truly random which made it all that more enjoyable. Ventrilo really rocks let me tell you. Everyone who hasn't try it *will* try it some day if I have a part in it.

I'm currently drinking cherry Coke and enjoying wriging in this lj for the first update of the day. I'm sorry if you have wasted a valuable two minutes reading the blathering idiot that is me in these pages but I hope it wasted enough time to make it worth your while. I know every journal I read, no matter how disgusting and how many people dissolve, is worth my while so keep writing and stay cool. Fiona the dog says hello and she wishes she had a lj too so she could tell you about how much she sleeps on my bed. More later.