August 12th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

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the act of procuring coffee helps to create the surface for active and interesting writing.

Coffee is procured, ready for infusion, and litteral pen is ready to roll. **ner takes deep breath forges onward.** I've been continuing to review music that I downloaded off the newsgroups Once I get back up to school I'm going to recontact some record labels so I can get this stuff legitimately and for free. I figure the artists really wouldn't care being that I'm going to play their crap on the radio.

I get to do two shows this weekend, both at the same times but one's on friday, one's on Saturday. I met a random person on msn who was in the studio and informed me that she was taking a random selection of people on the msn list to see what people wanted to hear. I won't paste it in here because there's lots and lots of bitching in it and ... I must protect the innocent you see? The short story is that she's said that she's going to help me get things shut down and started up if necesary so ... northwest Arkansas and the world via internet of course, is going to be blasted with two hours of crapolicious Celtic on Saturday and ACB Radio On friday as usual. I'm actually ahppy though I'm still waiting for 40 gb of new music that's supposed to be coming on a dvd from my buddy Steve. Will bring my collection up to 7000 or so Celtic songs, 4000 new age. That, a, lot, of, music.

I got up this morning, having a major urge to make me some hash browns. I had boiled some potatoes earlier last night so I threw them in the skillet and made me som mean hash browns. They weren't the greatest mostly because I used a lot of oil, toomuch, but they were filling, and I'm consequently full (redundant I know but ...).

Last night was a bit tough for me as me and my sister had the deep "religion and what it means to me" conversation. She asked me some tough questions, but I answered them from my heart and I think that is a good thing. She's told me some good books that I can look at (of course with a Christian tilt) and I plan to check them out and hopefully that will help me out. Book Share has the one she specifically told me I should read, so I'll download it later and peruse it. Its about a guy who turned from being atheist to being a Christian by researching different religious texts and historical documents. Its just one man's view and I made sure that my sister knew that I thought that there should be other views out there rather than one "right" way. We'll never agree, and we were able to concede that point.

I got all my files copied and sorted, and then started talking on various instant messengers. I really think I should consider getting my masters in social work, I think I would enjoy giving people advice and getting paid for it though my orthopedic doctor says that he thinks I'd get frustrated a lot. I think it would also balance out. I want to get my engineering degree done and then see where it takes me; surely it will be doing something exciting and interesting. Money won't be a huge consideration, enjoyment will be everything.

Well, must go and veg with my music. I've got some stuff I need to move from laptop to hard drive and then I'll need to organise and concatinate and catalog. Should be a good day of database excitement all in the name of organization of course.

Sorry for the non random nature of this post. I enjoy writing randomly but sometimes I feel the rate of entropy going down in life so I have to stop, take a breath, and write. All the best. Oh on the close, my advisor's found a lab partner for me whose in my chemistry fraternity. Her name is Iona, for real, so if it works out, we'll have eona and Fiona, how confusing will that be. Not really though, it'll just be confusing name wise, Fiona the dog I'm sure can't mix chemicals too well though she can be surprising sometimes.
More later
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