August 14th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

hermitage of ner

I wonder if I could open up a restaurant, bar, and grille called ner's hermitage. It'd be placed deep in the woods, far away from everyone but I'd spend ltos and lots of money to advertise it so that people would want to go out into the woods to eat at my hermitage. Of course, I'd have a cave underneath which I'd order the minions that service my establishment around from, all by intercom of course. No one'd ever see me; hey I could aim people from there and run my restaurant via aim.

Yes, its one of those nights. The newest quotation from my sister is "I'm ready to go to school, this place isn't an excatly encouraging invornment." I'm the biggest source I am sure. Here's a new word for you. Am I encorrigible (hard to reform, hard to deal with)? It sounds cool, I think.

Apparently I contradict everything she says and I feel that she gets mad at me for little things. Oh well, it takes all kinds of people to make the world go round. That's why there's lots of religions out there, lots of ideologies, and lots of personalities. It would make the world boring if we were all the same. I am reminded of This which in part talks about the tower of Babel and how it basically caused differences we see in the world today. Its in the debate forum and has some good points in it. I think the world is a much better place with lots of view points as everyone should have the license to have their own view. The free world is free not because we have to have one view, its free because we fought and died for freedom and the ability to think and believe what makes us comfortable and what in our hearts is best.

Gee that felt better. Moving on.

Did more Planetarion beta testing today and this was phase two where they let a lot of new peons in to test it out. NOt peons per se but lots of new people that have no clue as to the operation of the game. So I didn't play much but answered lots and lots of questions.

Me and J Dawg, annoying as he is, got something cool going. He connected to my xmpcr server and with my radio connected to a shoutcast server (an internet radio server), he was able to change channels on my radio and listen to it on the net. It was way cool and me and controlg will have to check it out.

Tomorrow's show I am very much looking forward to. Must get an ad together so that I can post it here and to various mailing lists. I don't know why this is a big show but I think it'll help me destress and depressure myself. Plus, I hope and know that some of you cool dudes will listen.

Well, I have friends pages to read and things to do so must go. I hope everyone is doing great. I am trying to smile, so I'll put up the picture of my best friend. All the best with everyone.
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Fiona and me in the snow

new yorkers can see starlight tonight

I've been using Google News to search on the power issues that have been plaguing our friends in the northeast. This story from ABC News off the A.P. wire absolutely struck me as amazing and caused me to do some serious pondering. Tonight is a night in a thousand. New Yorkers can actually see the stars in the middle of Manhattan. There's supposed to be a picture of this in the story but of course I can't see it so you'll have to comment on what you think.

It is amazing how much we depend on power, how much it locks things up when it goes down. I don't know if its sad, but it just *is. 50 million people have supposedly lost power, thats about 16% of the country's population, that's amazing. Of course I don't know what I'd do without power, I wouldn't be posting on this lj, but have we really progressed? This blackout makes me wonder if the 19th century when candles and lanterns ruled and the quill and jar of ink were the lj's of the day.

I was very interested at 4:02 when I was looking at stocks and finances. I thought that maybe the markets had closed but wasn't for absolute sure. The clock just stopped, tickers weren't moving at all. Luckily power was lost right as market close but didn't check the news wires to ascertain what the problem was. Lots of people aren't posting on lj from the effected areas but it will be interesting to read the northeasts perspective on the issues. If you can, rather or not you're in new york or not, go outside, look at the stars, and realize what it might be like without the artificial light that is our lives in a technological society.
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