August 20th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

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Why my ead hurts today I don't know. But for some odd and unforseen reason, I got up and head started hurting.

Oh well, drinking lemonade seems to help so I'll have to remember to keep drinking it.

I started today by trying to fix the schedule system (publisher) which is hopelessly broken. Iits all broken and exciting over here, and I have to wait for Jeff to wake up to we can talk about how to fix it.

I also got the exciting idea to write lj people about possible interviews for their review next week. It'll be nice to put together a coherent set of questions so we can put a voice to the site. Should be very cool if I can get it arranged, and being a member of "press" supposedly helps me.

I've got to continue coming up with ideas on things to take to school as I'm cutting back yet again the crap factor which is a very interesting mathematical number which relates the crap you take to the crap you really shouldn't be taking because you'll never use it. I'm trying to get the crap I don't use ratio down just a bit, saves space let me tell you.

Been leading a boring existence lately so at the moment I can't come up with anything exciting to write aboug sadly. The crap factor was exciting wasn't it? More later.