August 24th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow


Well today was an absolute waste and I'm not sure how long its been snce I'have had suck a bad day.

I woke up this morning with h headache, usual for my mornings. I've been stressed out a bit lately, so I didn't figure anything of it. Went down to Chris's to get on his dial up connection (We have to apply for access to the network so have to still wait for high speed from the universities network.

My headache continued to get worse, head pounding, pressure building up etc. I suffer from migraines and I hadn't had one in about a year, until today that is. So consequently, I didn't have medicine to stop the attack soon enough. About 1, after having a most disgusting lunch at Brough, our cafeteria, the headache got so bad that I threw up; not a fun experience. At that time I thought I should get some medical attension so after calling insurance, my mom, and my sister, we decided that I should go to the ER. To the ER we went, and I got in about an hour later, record time for ER's, luckily it is a sunday. I convinced them to give me a shot of Demerol adn Finigrin, and we got the hell out there so I'd be able to walk to the car before the meds took effect. We made it here, and I slept, for about 4 hours.

All is well now, my head's back to normal, and since I couldn't eat annything all day I am absolutely starving. I wand a cheese burger, fries, a coke, anything. Maybe I'll have to indulge myself in some candy or something or wheat thins. Anything to quench my hunger and thirst after not eating for over a day technically. At least I can chat online which should help me a lot, so I should go and do that. To all those who talked to me today on the phone or at Brough, I am alive and doing well. More soon.