August 25th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

much better

When I can get a chance to go online, I'm going to check and see if I actually have an entry for the first day of school. It would b e interesting to look back on how I thought then as it compares to what I think now. So much has happened in the past six months and I am pleased that its all over and I'll soon be back in the swing of things.

First days of school in any grade, on any year, are always going to be stressful. For some odd reason for me this year I'm not stressed out. Whatever happens happens. Whatever will be will be.

Today is computer methods day. I have one class of lecture then a drill at 3:30, after that. I'll probably just stay in bell for a while hopefully I'll be able to log on there as they've probably got network stuff going on. They're stuppose to transport me to and from classes so we'll have to see how that works; I'm sure to give a report later on. The thing I need to not do is stress enough that I have another headache. Yesterday's sucked, a lot. Today I'm still feeling somewhat weak, so I'll probably lay down for a while before class. Well, suppose I should dial in and post this off. More later.
Fiona and me in the snow

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I'm tired, really tired, but not tired enough to go to bed I don't think.

My day went quite well, definitely much better than yesterday. Wen tot class at 1:30 which is computer methods. It was the usual crap that they tell you on these beginning days of classes. I had a drill as well at about 3:30 but I spent most of the time working on my computer to work in my office on the network. We have to turn in our assignments via the network electronically so I have to be able to do this. We worked on it for about two and a half hours and kind of fixed it but I'll have to work on it tomorrow or something. It will happen.

We still don't have network access via the ethernet but they have this new thing downstairs that has all kinds of labs and a learning center. It has a wireless network there, but I can't access it here in my room. controlg can which is cool but I still hope I can access a network some day soon. Must download more bbc stuffm good new stuff on the internet I must get :).

Tomorrow I have a crap load of classes. I've got 8:00, 9:30, 11:30, and a 1:30-5:20 lab which will suck royally. I have that lab twice a week too which will suck even more royally.

I'll survive though as I'm sure we won't do too much at least toward the beginning of the week.

We've got the golf cart thing going and I can make it from Gregson to Bell in about 3 minutes, very nice when you're in a hurry. I hope to get funding this semester from the university so that others can use the service when the van service that they already have here at the uni can't go to places. I'm the test case so we will see.

The fact that I have lost some of my independence doesn't bother me. I'm sorry that I have lost independence and am depending on people to get me from point A to point B, but I think back on the time when I broke my leg last semester detailed in this entry, and I am glad I am reducing risk. I think its good to reflect on past events, no matter what they are. I hope I've learned, or tried to learn, so I can go on with life and do it well without pain, without injury. IF only we as humans could reduce risk as much as to reduce mental pain, mantal anguish. Its possible but I pray that people who are having this pain can overcom: for overcoming has helped me through many an obstacle.

More later.