August 26th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

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I have no idea how I'm going to make it through this longs day. The logistics of getting around is going to suck; I have no idea how it'll work. More later if I survive, I will I think.
Fiona and me in the snow

Made it, day 2 down, many days to go.

I should appologize for the despeartion of my last entry. I wanted to get it out of my system that in fact I thought I was in fact up a creek without a paddle to put it mildly. It was not the case. After eating less than a half of a doughnut at breakfast, I met Teresa, the textlab laday and ad hoc cart driver, at the designated meeting place. We zoomed over to engineering, along the way talking about how I'd actually make it, if I would actually make it to my other classes. I was so worried mostly because my classes were so close together giving the cart operators not much time to get to and from the union to get me and take me very short distances to these particular classes. What we decided to do is for me to try to find these classes since I'd been to all the buildings before and that way the cart wouldn't have to pick me up every hour. It worked well.

I'm impressed with this semester's selection ofprofessors and classes. Although you probably don't care about my classes, I'll talk about the people who teach the classes as its the people who actually get me the info, it just doesn't come via osmosis.

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Luckily I did not have lab today, so I got to go to Brough, the dining hall, and eat a leisurely lunch, then come back here and bs which I am very good at. Me and Chris went down to the Enhanced Learning Center which rocks I might add, and talked to cool people about computer things. We're supposed to get a computer that will talk down there, and they were in the process of fixing the image so it actually worked when we used it. It was very nice of the lab operator to show us around the ELC (to the reception area, the tutoring areas, and the study areas), and then back through the labs. I went and inquired about getting some help with statics and they kind of looked at me like, what the ...??? That issue is still kind of up in the air but I think they do more tutoring with lower level subjects not subjects that only crazy and totally mad humanoids would take, especially when faced with the idiocy of Dr. Jong. I came back her and wasted time talking on AIM which I admit really does waste a hell of a lot of time, and then went to dinner.

So much happened today both good and bad and getting lost in dinner just didn't go well in the fray. I don't know how I got turned around, but I did, and I ended up halfway to engineering somehow rather than a block back which was where the dining hall. Luckily this guy that I had known from Brough before, he worked as a food server and helped me through the line before, rescued me. He actually got out of his truck asked me "Hey man, how are you, you need help man??? Oh yeah man, you still drunk?" If I could have given him a quizical look I would have at that point. I then remembered that somehow when I was taking some form of pain crack, he made some wise ass crack at how I was acting drunk and that stuck. Oh the little things you forget and how if taken out of context they can get totally blown to universal proportions. I made it to Brough and all was well thanks to Robert. I am gracious that there are nice people still left in the world even if they ask you if you are still drunk at random moments.

Came back after dinner and talked on the phone to (I can't even pronounce or write this lj user name so I'll jsut parenthecize an make it really long and complicated). It was nice to talk to someone who I've actually read journals, and good to always put a voice to her written words. Also had about 3.7 words with lucid42day and that was good. Its always to have nice man conversations which consist of one word responses and declarations of money and when you're going to get paid. It was great and I hope to talk to more people soon. Anyway, enough of this rambling. Tomorrow's computer methods again and a statics drill which I probably won't go to, so I should go so I can talk to another lj user which I won't name to protect the theoretically innocent, so I'll write more later, and I promise it won't be desperate next time.
Fiona and me in the snow


I totally forgot to write this because I was too consumed in my randomness. I found my lab partner for Analytical Chemistry. That should work out ine.

Also, Helen, who worked with me reading stuff last semester is coming back. She was supposed to be living in North Carolina working on a job with autistic kids, but she doesn't like the job so she's going to come down here in a couple of days and start reading next week. Thank god I'll be able to do my assignments. Things are looking up I think. Must go to bed.