August 27th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

operation golf cart

I just got back from going to Design I, a class I started last semester and am completing. It was ok, the prfessor is at least willing to work with me. Its going to be difficult with the amount of diagrams that will have to be done, but it will be doable. I'll have to figure out how to make styreene on Friday, should be ex freaking citing.

In talking to the CSD they seem to be very positive on starting a extensive program to get people from class to class on golf carts. Apparently, tne nice folks at Target are considering donating six or so golf carts. According to Dr. King, the director of the CSD, its not because Target is being nice, its because they want to have a foot in with Wal Mart, go business competition. They want to decorate the carts like they are nas cars for some odd reason. Oh well, if it gets me to class, then I'm all for it. Dr. King like to drive the carts way too much beacuse we get to four wheel it where other vehicles can't go, it rocks. Well, think I'm going to lay down until the next class. Apparently there's free pizza at an American Institute for Chemical EEngineers meting provided by the navy so I'm all for free pizza. You probably won't get me joining the Navy any time, but I suppose I might go, what the hell.

So I'll write later I'm sure.
Fiona and me in the snow

(no subject)

You'll all be happy to know that (a) I got free pizza and (b) I'm not joining the navy. Although the Navy guy did tell me about Mr. Bob who lost both of his legs in a explosive ordinance accident and still was in the Navy and also said "yeah, let's do it, join the Navy, be the first." I don't think so. All exciting.

I'm sitting here contemplating going to bed early tonight or going downstairs to research styrene. I don't even know if they have the proper stupid research software but who knows. I still lack network access so who knows what I'll do. I took a nap earlier today but I'm still tired, I suppose my body's probably telling me something.

Well suppose I'll get out of here and end this absolutely boring entry. I really don't want to read statics and don't technically have to read statics but I'm feeling an urge to do ut. Whats wrong with me? More later
Fiona and me in the snow

computer madness

I'm sitting here in the illustrious ELC at the computer that's designated the disabilities machine. I seem to be finding all of the erros I can find I've found out a process for making styrene and some web addresses which I will look into later and type up, but I've already found lots of erros with the main computing services machine makingit impossible to copy files to my directory. I suppose I could have brought a disk down but I didn't so now they're scrambling down at computing services to fix things. I swear, everything seems to break the first week of school.

The chairs are comfortable and I'm away to the sollace of study away from AOL Instant messenger and the like so I am glad that I can get work done. I could always just shut the thing down, but oh well, this is a change of environment and its cool. More later I'm sure when it comes to mind.