August 30th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow


I'm sitting here being totally bored. I consider first making coffee, then I realize that I had some pseudo coffee at Brough and I stop considering. Maybe I should just get a life.

I did my show on ACB Radio last night and it was very boring. Because of the fact taht its Labor Day Weekend probably had something to do with the lack of action on the listener front. I am not too worried about that, I enjoy listening to and playing my music, so I'm all for doing my show. I wish I had more interactiveness and the fact that controlg had fun somewhere else while I sat here playing music was slightly annoying but otherwise I had a great time. Was able to sort out certain things last night which have plagued me for a while and it was a major relief.

Because of the fact that I am bored and don't have anything else to do and because I talked to another unpronouncable Gaelic named live journal person today at Brough, we decided to create, ro I decided to create a community. It rocks let me tell you. Its all because controlg has a light schedule and the rest of us actually do work. So I created the flame_chris community which is there for anyone to post anything about things that annoy you or piss you off about any Chris in your life. Its all satyrical for sure because Chris is one of my best friends but ... I was bored anyway :P.

Today's plans include um ... nothing. I think I'll go to Thai food again with Helen which should rock because I'm going to get the Thai barbecue chicken which always peaks my hunger and makes me go "mmmmmmmm tasty shit," right after I have some. I also have to do something else for ACB Radio Interactive because they're having a one hour birthday marathon which I'm involved in, should be very fun. It starts at 10 pm eastern so if anyone wants to listen taht'd be awesome. I think I'll do a mixed techno set or smething because I haven't done one of those in a while and I also want to play with my mixer again and make it sound rockin. Who knows, anything to break the monotony of playing the sme music all the time, anything :). Well, suppose I"ll write more excitement later. All the best to everyone and welcome ot my new friend sgenlaiche who is even more of a chemistry geek than I. Gotta love us chemistry geeks. More later.