September 1st, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

(no subject)

Sitting here and drinking coffee while thinking of ways to procrastinate the reading fo statics chapter 1. Anything to procrastinate reading statics. I should install matlab on this computer so I can do this piss easy assignment that will be due on Wednesday. It wil seriouisly take me ten minutes to write the program and 20 to document it, I just have to figure out if I actually want to do it after lab on Tuesday.

Not much exciting going on except for the sad surprise of rain that hit me this morning as I took Fiona out.

My sister is coming back today with the promise of more stuff from home. Stuff from hoe is good, especially when you forget things.

Haven't had contact with anyone today except for a brief appaerance of controlg who was taking Raymond out.

So I should now read statics. I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to do the assignment as I don't have exactly what the problems are so I'll have to write the people about it tomorrow mostly talking about (1) how the hell am I going to do this class with 6 problems many with diagrams every two days and (2) whats the point if only 2 are graded. So I'll write more later.

Welcome to sad1584 and typosexual who have graciously followed my lead and added me to their friends lists. May it be a mind opening experience to read my journal. Long live the Fayetteville crew.