September 5th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

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Today hasn't been teh greatest of days.

I never give up never, but I'm close to it in Statics. I've done this stuff before but actually doing it on a test or homework is a different story. Transferring the "do this" "do that" to actually doing something will be different. I had planned on writing a more fervent email but I'm too tired and too emotionally drained to do that tonight.

Lab was another bad thing. ITs not bad or boring, but its just long, tedious, and for the most part, very annoying. Iona's doing great, though its been a long time since she's done lab. I had to help her through with some basic things and once that was done, we were off to the races. It lasted the whole 4 hours so needless to say when I got back here after eight hours away at campus, the beer Chris offered me upon my return was much welcomed.

I got back here to find an email from the ACB Radio program director. He in a nutshell said that there had been complaints about my show, not formal complaints, just some complaints and that I'd have to send a log to the ftp site. The message was very formal and anal, typical of what they've been like lately. I'm getting to where I don't want to work for a radio station if they're going to treat me like I have to be totally straight laced and boring during my show. I want to be myself, bring my music to the world, and enjoy it all the same time. I hate being yelled at, hate being doubted when I try so hard as it is. It hurts me taht someone would be offended by content in my show especially when most of my songs don't have words to them. Why is it that we always hear from those who complain and never get, especially from the leaders of a group, positive comments about individual things we do? Very od.I've

I've calmed down plenty from these flash points of my day but I sure could ahve not used them. I'm ready for the day to end though so I suppose I'll climb into my nice warm bed with my nice warm dog and go to sleep so I can be ready to take on yet another day tomorrow morning. Lucky I don't have as many classes. I hope to write more of a detailed entry tomorrow but tonight is not a day in which I can be overly detailed, I'm too warn out. More later.
Fiona and me in the snow


Oh darn, I can't check my mail so I don't get the bashing from acb radio program director. Suppose I'll just have to do my show tonight obliviously. And then maybe the mail servers will mysteriously come up at some point. who the hell freaking knows, I suppose I shouldn't have gone on and on in my emails to program director guy but I felt I had to defend myself before the fact. I hope its just seome stupid stupid thingthing where someone complained and I'll just have to send a message like "oh crap, sorry I'll do better next time." or something like that. Who knows, at least some people enjoy my show, maybe. Go bagpipe music.

This morning was another cool one with the mercury falling to 5) degrees. Consequently it was very dewy and reminded me of the one time I went to San Fransisco when I was a kid. It was August then and I swear I froze my ass off. You're only supposed to freeze your ass off in Alaska in June.

Design class was productive as usual and kind of fun. There was a light hearted atmosphere in class with everyone making jokes and it made the time pass by very quickly. If I can get through statics or find a way through it, or a way around it, I should do well this semester. I'm considering finding a correspondence course somewhere possibly in Arizona to take it and then that will count. Hopefully that will all work out and Jong will get his wish, to not have me in his class. I'll gee my wish too, to not have to take his clas. Oh greatness.

Looking forward to the coffee fun tomorrow afternoon with camicizan and controlg. It'll pass time and I hope to meet cool new people.

Well suppose I've run out of things to say so I'll close for a while. More later.