September 10th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

the magic fence, the case of the missing cart solved?

Well, I suppose since there's not much else I can do in the way of the assignment that I'm working on I should update so that I don't forget what I've done since the weekend.

I had a great day at Common Grounds meeting with sever lj people that are on my friends list. I am very much looking forward to a visit next month. I drank too much coffee and spent too much on over priced shots of baileys mixed with the coffee. That meeting continues to underly my amazement at live journal and its abilities to bring people together. I'd never met Cami though I knew her, so the meeting was far from uncomfortable.

I've been quite busy working on work for several classes and dealing with the university. Yesterday, Tuesday, was a long day though the lab time seemed to go by quickly. I hope to never have to do three lab quizzes during class again, they really sucked. The lab experiment went well and having the brailled lab notebook helped immensely. Statics still sucks and that is sure not to change much.

Not only was class long but the day of events seemed to stretch by yesterday. I came back from class two hours after I left to find a 40 foot section of construction fence newly put up almost to the band building. Brough, our cafeteria, is right across the street. Normally, we'd be able to get to Brough in 30seconds by just walking across the street. With construction, we used to be able to go about 100 feet, cross the street, turn around, and head back to Brough. This just adds more time to the journey and lots more confusion. I think its annoying mostly because they put up all of this new construction in such a shor t time and did not let students know what was in fact happening. Its not impossible its just very annoying.

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Not much else is going on today. I'll go to the workshop on resume making which should be helpful as AI need to get going on job searching starting this year. Though I am employable and I think I'd help a company out a whole lot, the fact that I am blind will hurt my employablility and I will have to sell myself. The problem is taht I am the first, that we can find, chemical engineer in training, in the world, who is blind. So I have to sell myself, and sell myself I will.

Tomorrow looms the anniversary of September 11. I remember the 12tt, the day I found out of the disaster in the states well, and I'll write about that tomorrow on the day. Its important to think about it and realize how much we've learned about our country and about ourselves over the past two years.