September 17th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

beer good, statics bad

Time to write again. I was unable to post my entry I wrote yesterday yet, but I figured I'd post one today while I can actually do stuff. So I'm sitting here drinking a Miller Genuine Draft, a low class American beer probably but one taht should help me calm down after the abrasive meeting I had with Dr. Jong.

If you've been reading these pages, you know about him. He's the Chineese guy who teaches statics. He started teaching in 1964 at the University of Arkansas, 39 long years ago. I frustrate him, I disgust him, I enrage him. Its not taht I'm blind, he's just very mad because he's required by law to help me and he has no idae how to do it. He's taught perfectly for 39 long years but now, he's hit a hardship and he's floundering. I feel like I'm drowning in a bubbling quagmire of sand, silt and mud.

Its hard to describe how the meeting went except for we now have somewhat of a plan for statics. The meeting consisted of me trying to explain to Dr. Jong that I can do statics and him doing really stupid things like asking me "What is the rigid body principle" right in front of all of the people in attendance to the meeting. That was preceeded by me saying "I understand the concepts basically I just don't understand how they're drawn out, how I can take something drawn on a page three dimensions. He seems to think that I'll totally understand it only if I can answer his questions point blank and do so with perfect clarity and understanding. I felt like I was in a firing squad even though the rest of the people there tried every way possible to explain the situation, to explain to him taht I never give up, I never back down, yet I won't stress myself out totally to finish this class.

"What do I have to do to get a D in your class Dr. Jong, would that make it easier for you?" I say?

"Well if you say that I have no enthusiasm to work with you. The law says I have to help you but there is a federal law that says you have to do well in engineering classes and my class is an engineering class. You could have signed up for something else and you picked engineering, therefore you will learn my class or you won't get a degree." says Jong.

This does nothing but to spur me on to getting my chemical engineering degree. It makes me want to get a job in chemical engineering more. I want to say to people taht I've dealt with this guy. The fact that he wouldn't give me an incomplete in his class was mentioned and I argued fervently without a result.

So here's the plan, I'll spend 30 minutes of sheer utter hell and terror being interrogated by the Chineese soldier about what I've erad. thirty minutes three times a week. He scoughed at the fact that I was taking 17 hours and that was just too much. He didn't even want to help me at all because my lab was during the times he wanted to help me (Tuesday and thursday are really full), or wanted . I'll show him, I swear, he has no idea.

If this is the path I have to get my degree I'll do it but its so hard. I'm doing well in all of my classes, and I won't let this class keep me back, even if I don't do something totally in my degree I won't let some stupid second year class get me down.

Not much else going on, just trying to figure out how I'm going to do this. Arg.