September 19th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

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15 mintues till I have to go to stupid computer methods class so I suppose I'll spend it speed writing a jurnal entry.

This morning's cold just cut right through me. I even had pants and long sleeves on and was freezing by the time I made the long trek to Brough. It was only in the mid forties, I shudder to think how annoying it'll be when its 10 to 20 for lows and walking to Brough.

I ended up doing my homework afterall last night. jumpingjuniper called me and partially woke me up to the fact that yes, I really should do some wrok and get something out of the way. Figured it out this morning and got close to a correct answer. I was only prompted once by Dr. Thoma which is reasonably good. It was because I had taken out a piece of my code and replaced it. Got the same answer but wrong method, all fixed now.

I have missed lunch. I usually don't do that as I enjoy lunch with Brough's large variety and teeming lines of hungry students just back from class. However, all morning, I've been omni paging this keyword manual I found on the simulator cd I have. Stupid thing was that I've actually been scanning each individual page and didn't even know that there existed an already scanned, kind of, copy. Coolness.

So I had so much fun playing around with uni stuff that I lost track of time and am now hungry. Must figure out a way to get something to eat when I get back. Perhaps I can con Craig to take me to the union food court where I'll enjoy ingesting grease for nutrition.

No word on my niece's name yet, who knows they probably won't name her for days. Legally you can wait two weeks but waiting two weeks really would be odd. When I have kids, I'll at least have a name picked out, jeeze. Damn I must type fast, seven minutes gone eight minutes to go.

I can't wait. There's a guy in my next class who questions and analyzes and theorizes and cogitates and yells and blah blah blah until everyone's about ready to throw things at him to shut him up. He once delayed class a whole hour bu telling Dr. Thoma that he was wrong and he was going to prove it. Must remember to bring something to throw at said student. More later, show's tonight, details for Fayetteville peiple and internet listeners next entry.
Eternity Knot

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itting here trying to stave off this cough that keeps cropping up. My ear is still being stupid and off key which is really annoying especially since I have a show coming up.

Speaking of shows, feel free to listen if you like, or if you're near Fayetteville, come on by Gregson and give me a call, 83305, and we'll let you in. Tonights show I"ll play the usual stuff, Celtic, world, that kind of thing, so if you're not familiar with it and want to hear several crazy people to to the ACB Radio Interactive web site and click on the listen form. It starts at 9 eastern and goest to 12 midnight. Should be loads of fun as usual as sgenlaiche controlg, and dlambert are coming by hopefully.

That said I need to start copying files. More later.
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