September 20th, 2003

Eternity Knot

yay for free food and work

Just sitting here listening to a new cd from Cherish the Ladies, a group I adore, and drinking a nice cup of hot tea. Sure my ear makes it off key which I hope will fix itselfat some point soon, but there's something special about drinking Irish breakfast tea while listening to Irish music and writing. My new icon, the eternity knot of wisdom is very befitting of me tonight as I've been being wise with certain people regarding relationships or possibilities thereof. To this person, I wish you the best of luck, Chartwell's loves you (I love being cryptic).

Today was quite interesting. I spent way too much time in Brough eating way too much Brough food. I got to meet yet more lj people mainly typosexual and had great fun spinning tales with sgenlaiche. She lent me the book How the Irish Saved Civilization which I scanned and sent into Bookshare. Its a bit dryer than I thought, but it will be good to read about the origins of the songs and music I listen to and play so often.

Helen came by later this afternoon and we spent an afternoon reading boring analytical chemistry about some statistics we have to learn. It shouldn't be too hard to learn, but it'll just be annoying with so many equations to leaern and apply. I have three problems to do in there by Thursday so its good that we're working together. She told me that tehre was a study abroad dinner at 7 in the Union, so we decided to go.

It was great fun there. Everywhere had been somewhere on study abroad and it made me long for Australia and my friends down under. There was about 100 people there which was also amazing. Not only were there study abroad people but there were lots of people from places far away like Estonia and Iran. So many people also there who had had same the great experience of travelling to a distant land and learning there. There were door prizes and I didn't win anything but Helen won a $25 gift certificate to Olive Garden which I'm sure will be awesome to use.

There was actually good food, great for even the Campus Dining people to make. It was all international from Italian to Greek to other weird stuff. The Baklava was great; I had never had that before. And, the best part, it was free.

Well, I suppose its time for me to close. The world can be both small and large. Try to expand your world, open your mind, and see everything that there is to see out there. Its wide, amazing, and surreal outside the box.
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