September 21st, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

Eriochrome Black T and the meaning of life

Apparently, wheat thins can get stale? I wasn't aware.

Was feeling a bit peckish and caffeine deprived and since I have not much else in the way of filling foods here, must change that, I started in on the wheat thins which aren't that old, but they've gone soft in the humidity. Anooying. I downed two cups of hot tea last night and am working on my second cup for today. These aren't teensy cups of tea either, these are gargantuan coffee mugs that are meant for the mad scientists of the world who must get work done and get it done quick. They also are shaped so that you can't easyily knock them over, a good thing since its sitting next to my computer keyboard.

I'm reading the statics chapter, chapter 1, more not because I don't understand it but more because I'm sure I'll get asked fun questions like "what's the difference between kinematics and kintics?" and "what is statics?" Well, although "static not hahd, static is stupid science and need to die." It'll be a good exercise n self-control for sgenlaiche who plans to come with me and lend moral support. I'll try to get an objective description of the guy from a sighted person and report back, this should be fun.

Planning on at some point reading more analytical chemistry today and also reading the lab material we will need to use for lab on Tuesday. I don't know what the hell these chemists were thinking or if they're down in the hood or something, but we're using a chemical called "eriochrome Black T" on Tuesday and I swear he (the persona or if the chemical was a guy) souns like a radio dj from harlem or something. eriochrome black T is pronounced Air E O Chrome Black T, like it looks. I can picture it now

Yo yo yo and welcome to the Analytical Chemistry Radio network where we be doin Analytical Chemistry all the time. This be Eriochrome Black T, and I be talkin bout Chemistry, Chemistry and mo Chemistry, so sit back yo, and enjoy it. Make sure to wear your safety goggles cause I might get pretty crazy up in here. Now we be havin some news from my hot partner in crime Hi Dro Chloric at the Japan Desk, peace yo.

Well, more statics awaits me, enough craziness for one day yo, so I be goin. Note to self, stop doing ebonics, it doesn't fit my character, or something. More later.
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