September 24th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

those long awaited pictures

I just got back from an evening at Peppers which used to be IHOP here in Fayetteville. I don't know why coffee makes me tired but I am tired for some odd reason. Who knows.

Anyway, Here are the Collapse )

Its times like these I wish I could see pictures because pictures really speak volumes. More later
Fiona and me in the snow

O my god ... Becky ... Look at her butt. its just so sick ... its like out there.

Sorry, listening to 90s on 9 on XM and Sir Mixalot came on so I ahd to interject that little bit of knowledge and general craziness in my subject to bring you in to this entry.

Today has been both good and bad, but more good than bad so that's a change from the past few days.

First of all welcome to Airah, the new baby. She now has a name, what a shock! (I forgot to ask what her middle name is but anyway), its an interesting first name.

I woke up this morning at about 8 and got a call from Ioana my lab partner. She was taking 20 hours until now. Apparently, she's got to give something up to do well in classes (I'm all for that). Unfortunately, she's giving up analytical chemistry lab and lecture, both of which take up a lot of time. So apparently, I'll be working with one of Ioana's friends anmed Crystal in lab. Hopefully it will go as well as it did as it did with Ioana. The important thing is that Ioana does feels more comfortable by not doing analytical. I was sad slightly mostly because she's a great person and I enjoyed working with her. I will manage though and she will be much happier with a lighter load. I'll gain and get another lab partner and hopefully a new friend.

The meeting with Dr. Jong went quite well amazingly. Dr. Jong seems to have figured out that I am not just in his class so he can give me a grade. He finds my computer equipment and the fact that I use different things to work things out in class amazing and interesting. My email communications with him seemed to help him to understand things and he was much more amicable and easier to work with today. We worked on trying to analyze things that are actually in three dimensions but are drawn on the page in two dimensions. This is an important concept and one I need to be able to do if the textlab is able to produce some diagrams for me. I think it'll work!

Not much has been going on this evening. I am planning on continuing work on my lab report for analytical chem. I ahve to put together some lame tables to summarize my data which will mean poring through data and concatinating it all. Should be fun and exciting.

Monday after next my friends will be here which should be cool. I hope they don't get too bored here in good old Fayetteville, but they don't seem to be too worried about it. I'm sure to have some stories that are more than boring science and stupid mathematics which I know you guys don't really like reading :). There's much more to me than that. So with that, I must go and continue working; at least I am making progress in many ways in life. I feel not like I am treading water but more swimming slowly forward in the sea of life.